With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Oh Charlie

Last, but certainly not least, Charlie.
December was exciting for Charlie. Early in the month he went through some testing at school. His teacher saw a little something special in him. She liked how he thinks outside the box.  He always gets everyone in the class thinking about lesson plans with his questions. He’s a leader. A public speaker. A salesman. Nathan and I agreed to let the school test his IQ. We didn’t get our hopes too high but were very excited to hear that he qualified for the gifted program his school offered. So very exciting. Something good bringing light to all the bad happening. Charlie would start attending the class in January. Since the first week of January is when we moved he only got to attend one class. That was a huge day for him. He was so excited he broke the record of attending the least amount of times. This cracked him up and he told everyone about the record he broke.
Before returning from Christmas break, we had to start it off with a bang. Actually a smack onto the ice with his head. We had some snow and ice the day before school got out. After the last day of school Charlie headed outside and decided he was going to learn to ice skate. I watched from the kitchen window and warned him he shouldn’t do it, he may fall and get hurt. Boys will be boys and Charlie didn’t listen.


I walked away from the window for 5 minutes and the next thing I knew he was knocking on our back door. I opened the door and could see blood dripping down his face from under his hat. He was slightly whimpering. I asked him if he knew he was bleeding. He said NO! So I scooted him in the door and told him to stay put. With no Nathan around to help I had to quick think who would I call?!  Well, it just so happened I had a friend coming over to help me celebrate my birthday that night. I called her and asked if she could come a little early and watch Gage and Tinleigh for me. Of course she agreed and was heading our way instantly. I went back to Charlie and told him to start taking off his snow clothes. I then ever so gently picked up the edge of his hat. I still shiver thinking about it.


He split it wide open. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t screaming in pain. I wanted to cry for him. So I hid my “mom pain for him” and quickly got things ready for Jessica to come. Jessica arrived, I gave her quick instructions and out the door we headed. Upon arriving at the ER I let them know I had two hours before I had to be back home to hook my son up to his feeding tube. I also let them know he had just gotten it and I didn’t have anyone else who knew how to hook him up. I live literally right around the corner so it’s not like I needed to drive a half hour to cut into that two hours. Well, as time slipped away, we were approaching the 2 hour mark and we weren’t next in line. So I asked the woman at the desk if I could run home to hook Gage up. She informed me with a smile that if we left we would be out of line. I begged her and pleaded our story. She said that an ambulance was on its way in and everyone was going to be pushed back anyways. So with a heavy sigh I signed the release form and we left. An hour later we returned and signed back in. Three hours later I had to go feed Gage again. I approached the desk, again. By this time there was a second woman there. She told me that Charlie seemed like a really good kid and she wouldn’t mind if he just sat with her while I ran home. That way we wouldn’t loose our spot in line again. I don’t leave my kids ever!!!! Is it safe to leave him in a hospital with a stranger? YES! In this case it is. It just so happened that a boy from Charlie’s football team was there with his mom and little sister. So the boys sat together and colored. His mom also kept an eye on Charlie for me. I ran home and was back in 20 minutes. Charlie was an angle while I was gone. Still we sat and waited another hour. Then finally after waiting 7 hours his name was called. The doctor came in rather quickly and inspected Charlie’s wound. Yes he needed stitches. Charlie was scared to death. The second time the doctor came in to get started Charlie plastered himself to the bed with feet straight out so no one could get to him. The doctor looked at me and asked if knocking Charlie out would be a better idea. I asked if he was serious. He laughed and said yes. I said you bet! So quick change of plans and we were going to get this done. The nurse came in with her hand behind her back and walked over to the bed. Charlie asked what she was doing. She told him she needed to look at something. Next thing I knew she put him in a hold, the doctor grabbed the needle and jabbed Charlie’s arm. Charlie yelped and the nurse said this will be quick. I laughed and started talking to Charlie about Florida as he drifted off to sleep. It’s always creepy to watch your child fall asleep like that. I knew though it was for the best. I highly doubt he would have held still and let them numb that hole up with a needle. A quick 15 minutes later and the doctor was done. I had a very drowsy Charlie on my hands. We just had to get him awake enough to stand up and we could head out. Finally at a little after 2am we were out the door. Nine hours we spent at the ER for 9 stitches.


I felt horribly bad that I had invited Jessica over for fun evening and she ended up babysitting for me instead. I was just happy she was there for me. I’m not one to ever ask for help and when I finally did she came to my rescue.
Charlie ended up getting sick from the drugs and puked a few times. I put him in bed with me that night to keep a close eye on him. The next morning we discussed what happened after they jabbed him with that needle. He could tell me everything up to the point when his eyes when blank and could recall everything waking up as well. He told me my voice echoed and I had double everything on my face. He knew I was telling him about Florida. Everything! Sort of creepy if you ask me. It didn’t scare him though and that’s the biggest thing. I have to keep all hospital visits  happy. A week later the stitches had to come out. Another scary trip. He was so fearful it would hurt. Much to his surprise it didn’t.
The doctor did an awesome job! He told me Charlie couldn’t have done a better job of where he split it. That scar will fade right in his eyebrow line as he grows older.

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  1. You are an amazing mom! Super stay at home mom isn’t the right title. What inspires me is how matter of fact you are in the above post about feeding one son while managing stitches and ER lines. I hope you treated yourself to something special after this event! Thank you for sharing with us, you are great reminder of maintaining grace while under stres.


    Comment by gratefulfoodie | January 17, 2013 | Reply

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