With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Educational Day!

Since I took Charlie out of school for 4 days I knew we had to do something educational. So I planned the 3rd day to a science center.

Having woke up with food poisoning I wasn’t very fast to get ready that morning. Luckily all three kids slept until 9. That gave me time to be sick and get myself ready. By 11 I had the kids ready and was physically able to leave the room. I decided to start slow so we took a mini trip to walmart then went and got daddy some lunch. After dropping it off to him we made one quick stop back to the hotel to eat and then we were on our way. I didn’t feel like packing up a bag full of food.

We got to see a giant space satellite and that was just on the outside. This place was going to be awesome.

There were 3 full floors of science. Where do we begin? Well I picked the wrong area. The boys found the water tables. They did provide jackets, they obviously hadn’t met kids like mine before.

Charlie had pipes to connect and Gage had water animals. I think they could have stayed in this room all day. This giant sink wrapped clear around three walls ending in the little pool where Gage was. It was awesome.

Across from the water area they had a baby moon walk. She of course wanted nothing to do with it. She wanted in the water too. Once I finally got the boys out of the water we moved on to an upper floor that had everything to do with the human body. This freaked Gage out and he could hardly stand being in there. So we moved it down to the 2nd floor. This room was huge and had giant blocks to build.

They had an air pressurized tube system that Gage thought was awesome. You load a ball in and it shoots it all through the tubes then out the top. Pretty cool.

Charlie really enjoyed playing with a ball coaster track.

Tinleigh enjoyed playing with the balls

and crawling through the hills.

There was so much to see here. It was a ton of learning fun!

The last thing we did was a bubble machine where you could actually put yourself in a bubble.

Oh the coolest thing I saw heard that day. Up in the human body rooms they had a pair of giant stethoscopes with buttons for different sounds. I got to hear what to listen for with asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. I had heard them all before!

I was exhausted by the end of the day and still not feeling %100. Nathan and I decided to just stay in for the night and rent a movie for the kids. We fed them leftovers from previous meals and Nathan and I ordered room service. Kids fed, room service ordered, time for the movie. Nathan grabbed the remote and hit the movie button. Nothing happened. He turned it to the movie channel and tried to get into the movies again, nothing happened. Long story short, we saw the repair man twice and had signals sent to our box, even got a new remote. Still, no movie. Of course we couldn’t rent a movie. Why would a day end so smoothly? Luckily we had the portable dvd player and the boys just watched one on that.

We just laughed it off. What else can you do?

Day 4: Bowling home.

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