With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Allergy friendly pets

I don’t know how many times a week I get asked if we can get a pet.

The list of what they want:




Snake – python


Guinea pig


No, no and no. While my mom was visiting we were at Walmart and there it was. The perfect pet for my allergy stricken family. Who wants to guess?

It’s sea monkeys!!!!

They are still around. It’s quite exciting too to watch them hatch and see how many we have. There are actually probably 30 in there. Very hard to take a picture of. I made a few black circles around some.

Package says with the right habitat they can grow to 3/4″. That will cost me an extra $6.99 to invest in the sea monkey water filtration system. Are you laughing yet? We haven’t ordered ours.

So we feed these little creatures once every day. They eat algae. We’ll see what a life span they end up having.

I keep them in the kitchen window. Yes, they’re really for me.

Have you ever actually seen a sea monkey? What it looks like? Well you’re in luck because I googled it for all of us to see. One word, creepy.

I’m not sure I want them to get to 3/4″ big. Ew. Looks like one of the earliest forms of life. Sea monkeys is actually the brand name for Brine Shrimp if you didn’t know. Brine Shrimp are a group of crustaceans that undergo cryptobiosis. Here’s where it gets interesting, thank you wikipedia. Cryptobiosis is an ametabolic state of life entered by an organism in response to adverse environmental conditions such as desiccation, freezing, and oxygen deficiency. In the cryptobiotic state, all metabolic procedures stop, preventing reproduction, development, and repair. An organism in a cryptobiotic state can essentially live indefinitely until environmental conditions return to being hospitable. When this occurs, the organism will return to its metabolic state of life as it was prior to the cryptobiosis.

So there.

All in one blog you learned about an easy, inexpensive pet you can get for your allergy child and what cryptobiosis is. Go impress your friends with that knowledge. 😉

Just another everyday LIFE situation we managed to beat with allergies.

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First rule of snake club…

Around the second week of school Charlie came home and told me he had started a snake club. He told me it was him, Gage and a boy from his class. He then needed to look up snakes. So I Googled images of snakes in our state. Then he wanted to see venomous snakes. He created his own snake encyclopedia from looking at the pictures. This way if they found a snake they could identify it.



That afternoon I hear Gage screaming like a girl in the back yard. Charlie and I were working on his homework. We pause, look at one another, then tear off into the back yard. There we find Gage freaking out and screaming SNAKE!!!  Sure enough there it was, a little baby rat snake. Since Nathan wasn’t home I had to handle this on my own. Snakes give me the willies. *shiver*  So I grabbed a Tupperware container and a broom, Charlie grabbed the lid. The baby had hid himself under one of Gage’s old croc shoes sitting on the patio. I quickly moved the shoe and exposed the snake. He wasn’t too happy. Charlie and I worked quick to shoe him into the container. Charlie put the lid on as fast as he could. WE CAUGHT HIM! I have to admit I was proud of myself. We carried the snake around to the front of the house and waited for Daddy to get home. In the mean time Charlie had gone and found a yellow rubber glove. I know you’re wondering why. Well as soon as Nathan pulled in Charlie ripped the lid off the container and tipped it over setting the snake free on the driveway. He wanted to show Nathan he could pick the snake up. I was freaked out! Nathan was laughing. Finally after a few attempts Charlie picked his snake up. He was so proud.

I then hear from his teacher that snake club has become popular at school. Two little girls had come to Charlie telling him they saw a snake on the playground. This was HUGE!  Charlie’s teacher changed the week from soccer week to snake week. All the kids in the class made snake wanted posters. His teacher even let him lead a discussion about snakes.

Hard to see but that’s Charlie telling the class about snakes.

The next evening at home Charlie was lucky enough to find a snake-skin in our neighbors back yard. Oh the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. So I emailed his teacher and she allowed me to bring it in for the class to see. As Tinleigh and I walked into the classroom the kids were diagramming the body parts of a rattlesnake on a smartboard. The kids were so excited to see the snake-skin. Charlie broke into his lecture on becoming a member of snake club, what you do if you see a snake and how to tell if its venomous. He was on top of the world.  Then the class read a snake poem to Tinleigh and I. His teacher had even found a read along book for the class about a boy who loved snakes. I am so thankful that Charlie has the most awesome teacher this year. He needed a little boost. 🙂

Once word had gotten around school about snake club another teacher came to Charlie’s teacher to let her know she actually had a snake in her class room. Oh the excitement. My mom just happened to be visiting. We hurried and made up a snake club t-shirt for Charlie and Gage. Mom took Gage to the school and they went with the class to see the other classes pet snake. It was a Rosie Boa and “the most awesome snake ever” according to Charlie. That also happened to be picture day. I figured how fitting, wearing his snake shirt to show what he was into during the beginning of first grade.

Charlie did come to me one evening in tears letting me know he would have to quit snake club. I thought he had gotten in trouble at school. After asking him why he explained that all the thinking about snakes made him think they were everywhere in his bedroom at night and he was scared. I reassured him when the bug guy sprayed our house he was also spraying for snakes. Charlie quickly responds well we had a spider in the bathroom after he sprayed. I had to quick think and told him it came through the drain, snakes can’t cross the line of the spray and can’t come up drains. Knock on wood!  lol I am afraid I may have a “Turtle Man” on my hands.


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Beautiful Tinleigh

I have been dodging the Tinleigh post for some time now. The question everyone asks

“Does Tinleigh have the food allergies or eosinophilic esophagitis?”

Well…probably. She’s been on soy formula from the time I stopped breastfeeding. Even while I was breastfeeding I couldn’t eat or drink dairy, it just put her into fits of screaming pain. I just have been telling myself she’s like other babies that can’t handle milk.

Then there’s banana’s, they make her bottom break out pretty bad. Most recently she’s broke out in hives with raspberries. There’s something in animal crackers that makes her bottom break out too.

There’s also the fact that when she eats certain foods she gets really dark red circles around her eyes while eating. They fade shortly after she’s done.


She also chokes a lot. Now, she only has 2 teeth and will be one soon. So she wants to eat table food but doesn’t have the chompers to mash it up. The choking can come with the EoE from her esophagus being inflamed. That one is toss-up. Could be that she just can’t chew very well with her gums. However, when Gage was her age he choked A LOT and it was because he was very inflamed.

Notice no top teeth. Just two on the bottom

I haven’t called the allergist or GI doctor for her yet. I still have a huge pit in my stomach over Gage’s health right now. I do know that I will have her tested for food allergies and scoped by the year’s end. I just need to make myself make the phone call. I am slowly admitting out loud she probably has it. It’s just another hard thing to face.

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