With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Super Mom

I think the boys think I’m super mom.

Charlie’s really been buttering me up lately with complements. The other day we were talking about Tinleighs hair color and Charlie asks if she’s half of me and half of Nathan. I tell him yes. He says well I am too right? I said yes and Gage. Then he asks “Well what of you am I? Am I sweat, loving and caring just like you?” Then just last night he says out of no where “Mom do you know what you’re full of?” I half fearfully shook my head thinking he had heard “Full of shit” somewhere. He says “SUNSHINE!”  He giggles and hugs me. So he just thinks I’m great, I hope it stays that way.

Now Gage expresses himself a different way. I know he thinks highly of me because I bake everything for him, he thinks I can do anything. I make him his milk. That must be magical to him that I create his milk and Charlie’s comes from a cow. Well tonight he requested that I make him cheese. Nathan quickly informed Gage cheese is made from cows milk and he can’t eat it either. Gage didn’t care for what Nathan had to say. “Just make it mom.”

Charlie then told Gage cheese was boogers painted orange.

Guess I better get a cape and super mom shirt. 🙂 This super mom needs to do some mega research for a cheese substitute.

The Daiya cheese has pea protein in it and he can’t have peas. I know he misses dairy products in a huge way. I miss the calories, nutrition, fat and protein he got from dairy. Maybe someday Gage.

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