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Zoo Day!

This is a long over due post. I had started at the end of the last school year and thought I better finish it! It’s an example of another one of our adventures! As you read this think May.

Because Charlie had to miss his field trip I took all three kids to the zoo for the day. We haven’t been to the zoo since we moved, so it was going to be a fun day.
They had recently opened a polar bear exhibit. Charlie thought it would be funny to look like he was running from the bear.

I will forever laugh when I see this picture. What a great imagination he has.
I let them ride a camel. They thought it was awesome!

I loved the kangaroo exhibit. It was just a large open field with lots of kangaroos hopping around.

We brought our own lunch of course.
Charlie enjoyed an avacado.

I think Gage was practicing his senior portrait pose.

Tinleigh, of course, enjoyed a bottle.

Then we came to the baboons. Yes, they’re doing what it looks like they’re doing.

There’s a reason i didn’t zoom in.
It couldn’t have been a better day. Took us 5 hours to see everything.  The kids were very good, for the most part. Walking around for 5 hours will take a toll on anyone. It was cool enough that all the animals were out for us to see them. They didn’t have a ton of animals, it was more walking. We can say we’ve seen the zoo now.

We didn’t have any allergy problems all day. I was prepared though. What does an allergy mom pack for a trip to the zoo. Every high energy food she can!

 3 apples

 2 juice pouches

 2 bags of pop corn

 2 containers of cheese and meat

 crackers for both boys

 A Gage safe cookie and sunbutter cups for Charlie

 baby food and formula

Two packs of dry oatmeal for myself. I eat it right out of the pack. It’s quick and easy for me. Then of course our emergency bag. Today I had to add orajel and baby tylenol.

All packed up and ready to go! Thankfully we have a stroller for storing everything.

A days trip to the zoo can be done!

I almost forgot. We were able to buy something to eat and drink at the zoo.

Sprite and Lays chips. I think this may have been the highlight of their day.

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