With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube


Thinking about what adventure to write about tonight and I realized I have a lot of little tidbits to share.

1. Sadly we poured the sea monkeys to rest on Friday.

They lived 7 days with us. We loved watching their little bodies jerk crazily through their tank. We should have invested in the sea monkey water filtration system. The instructions did repeat “with the right conditions the sea monkeys will live a long life”. We apparently didn’t give them the right conditions.

2. The boys watched the movie the Sandlot this weekend. The dog freaked Charlie out so much he no longer wants a pet dog.

3. Nathan is now protesting Arby’s for bringing in sliced turkey. He can no longer eat their due to his deathly poultry allergy.

4. We all have our Halloween costumes picked out now. Watch for the Candy post coming soon.

5. Upon making a call to the GI doctor to get Charlie and Tinleigh signed up for the EoE clinic they were able to get Charlie squeezed in the same day as Gage in two weeks. Well after a nurse finally realized they booked us at the wrong location their appointment got moved up to this Friday. I am quietly freaking out. I feel like I should be doing something with Gage to prepare for this scope. There’s nothing I can do though.  It’s either going to show that removing dairy is the key to him getting better or his little body is so haywire a g-tube is our only route at this point. As far as Charlie’s scope goes I have no idea what to expect. I pray he’s still clear and all is well. He has been having some reflux issues and a tummy issue for the last few months. I am so tuned into Gage right now that I just don’t know how Charlie’s scope will go. Gi will do a consult with Tinleigh the day of the boys scopes and then we will probably schedule hers. I’m second guessing doing that now.

6. Please keep voting for me daily for the Circle of Moms top 25 food allergy blog contest!  Voting ends Oct 17th. I’ve been lingering right around 10th place.

7. We’re getting ready to tackle a new adventure – boy scouts!  Stay tuned.

8. Charlie’s last flag football game is this weekend. I know I haven’t blogged on it this season yet. His asthma is totally staying in check. Could be the right weather or could be he’s starting to outgrow it!

9. Snake club is dying down a bit at school. However, here at home Charlie has built his first snake trap. He plans to catch snakes in the spring when it starts to warm back up. I may have to post some pictures of this trap.

10. Tinleigh has started biting, with her two teeth. It comes out of no where and it’s very intense with screaming. Tonight she attacked Gage’s toes for no reason. It is comical to watch her frantically try to clamp down on something while she shakes her little fists and screams. Oh my we are in for it with her. Thankfully Charlie giggles at her and Gage just calls for my help. I don’t have to worry about them trying to take action on her. I’ve got two sweet boys.

I think that’s it. Oh I do have one more but I’m keeping it a secret until it arrives.

Okay one more thing, I stole a pinterest idea – what do you think?

You take your picture with them starting on their first birthday and do it every year. I was only going to do it with Tinleigh but thought why not do it with the boys too. They may like to look back on the pictures when they get older. I’ll just continue to do all 3 on Tinleigh’s birthday every year.

October 8, 2012 - Posted by | LIVING

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