With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

The Most Understanding

I love Charlie’s understanding heart.

He has his first field trip coming up this week at school. They are going to a fish hatchery then fishing. He’s been talking about it for a month. Because of his allergies they require a parent to go along. I have no problem with that what so ever. Being that he is in kindergarten and there’s a lot of them they do not want you to bring siblings. So Nathan agreed he would go. Then we found out it was an all school day trip. Nathan has too much going on to miss a whole day. So now what?
Nathan and I figured out a plan to make things right for Charlie.
Today we were outside, I had just given the boys a popsicle. They were sitting in their gator eating them so I thought I would just tell him.
mommy: Hey Charlie, you know your field trip this week?
Charlie: Yeah! We’re going fishing.  You can go Mom.
mommy: Well Daddy was going to but now he has to work. Remember your teacher said I can’t bring your brother and sister?
Charlie: Oh yeah.
mommy: Well I thought maybe instead of you going fishing with your class I would take you, Gage and Tinleigh to the zoo here!  We haven’t been there yet and I thought it would be fun. Then next weekend Daddy will take you fishing.
Charlie: ok! We can go to the zoo? That’s fine Mom. So I’m not going with my class?
mommy: No buddy, but Daddy will take you fishing.
Charlie: ok!

That was it! He was fine with it and I wasn’t going to keep dwelling on it. I was expecting tears and arguing. He is so laid back and just awesome.
Now I just pray it doesn’t rain Wednesday!

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  1. How sweet! Living with allergies isn’t always easy and, as a parent, you hate for them to miss out. But it makes it so much easier when they are happy to accept a new plan and move on.


    Comment by Daisy | May 28, 2012 | Reply

  2. […] Charlie had to miss his field trip I took all three kids to the zoo for the day. We haven’t been to the zoo since we moved, so […]


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