With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Birthday Parties

Since starting school this year Charlie has been invited to a few birthday parties. We’ve gone to each one prepared with his own dessert. The last one he was invited to was at the bowling alley. I figured why not make it a family event. Gage and Tinleigh have gone to the other parties with us anyways. Daddy could go this time and bowl with Gage on a different lane. So we pack it up Saturday afternoon and headed out. The bowling alley in our town just happens to be the one on campus. We’re pretty small town and it’s the only bowling alley around.

                                                       Awww college, I miss those days. I never realized how easy it really was. I think we all learned that lesson, right?
We’ve never gone bowling before. Although, Charlie insists he’s awesome at it because they’ve done it in gym class. I assured him setting up pins in they gym is not comparable to real bowling. He still insists he’s the best ever.
This would be Tinleigh’s first time bowling as well.

She weighs as much as the ball.
We get shoes for Nathan and the boys. I take Charlie over to his friends as Nathan and Gage get set up on their lane. I think there were only 14 lanes so it’s not like the place was huge. The party mom put Charlie on a lane, he could hardly wait his turn. When it was finally his turn I quickly realized the kid had no clue how to handle the ball. I attempted to show him. He’s stubborn like his daddy though and told me over and over he knew what he was doing. So I let him try it his way. They did have the bumpers up.
I went back and forth the whole time snapping pictures and cheering them on. It did cross my mind that the balls were dirty and I was a little nervous about what germs we might catch. Turns out that’s where Gage picked up his cold that turned into pneumonia, yes he had it twice.
As an allergy mom do you wipe down the balls in fear of food contact?

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  1. As an allergy mom I wipe down their hands before they eat, but their reactions aren’t typically topical. If they were though, I might consider it, especially in a place that serves food.

    Cute pictures 🙂 looks like they had a blast!


    Comment by allergictotheamericandiet | April 9, 2012 | Reply

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