With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

More pneumonia

It’s been two weeks since all the kids were sick.

Nathan had a cold then pink eye and now we’re healthy.

That is until Gage started sniffling on Saturday evening. Sunday it was worse and we assumed it was from being outside all weekend and every thing blooming. Monday he was so stuffed up he couldn’t breath through his nose. Tuesday was day 3. Day 3 of a cold has always been the turning point for Gage. If he’s going to get worse it happens on day three. He seemed fine that morning, aside from the stuffy nose, so I sent him to pre-school. When I picked him up after school he started crying as he got in the car saying that his tummy hurt. I asked if he felt like he was going to puke, no. Do you need to go poop, no. Well it’s probably because you didn’t finish your breakfast and your hungry. Then he started coughing. He coughed the whole way home. I sent his teacher a text to see if he had been coughing at school. She said a little but not too much. I could hear him wheezing and took his pulse ox. It was only 94. I had a sick little man on my hands. I gave him a breathing treatment. I then notice he has a fever. It was low grade but I went ahead and gave him motrin. His breathing didn’t seem to get any better with the treatment and in fact it seemed worse. So after an hour I gave him another treatment. His little tummy was really working and I could just tell he felt like crap. About a half hour after that treatment he said his ear hurt. I immediately called and made a doctor appointment for him that afternoon. We had to leave in an hour to go get Charlie then head to the doctors office. Tinleigh woke up from her nap so I fed her then I noticed Gage was just gasping for air. He was panting, his neck was sucking in, his ribs were retracting and he was working at it. So I gave him one more treatment before we left. Three treatments in 3 hours. Not good.
We pick up Charlie and I tell him we’re taking Gage to the doctor.

He’s mad he won’t get to watch Wild Kratts.

Into the doctors office we go and I warn the boys not to touch anything in there because we don’t want more germs. Once we’re called back the nurses look at me with pity. I don’t think we were a family they wanted to see anytime soon. The nurse examines Gage and we talk about what was going on. He leaves and the doctor comes right in. After he listens to him he says he thinks Gage has pneumonia again and he does indeed have an ear infection. He told me the cold he caught sparked the ear infection which in turn kicked up the pneumonia. He wanted Gage to do another breathing treatment while we were there with different medications to see if he could still hear the same sounds he was hearing. Luckily I had brought the portable dvd player. So I got the boys set up like a movie theater. The nurse got Gage hooked up. Then Tinleigh pooped filling the room with a nice stench.

Once the breathing treatment was done the doctor came in. This time he handed me the ear piece of his stethoscope and had me listen to what he was hearing. Yep, Gage had pneumonia again.  I think the doctor had some doubt of how well Gage was going to do. He told me who the doctor on call that night was and that he would let her know what we had going on. Thanks doc. I appreciate the confidence you have in me. He must not know that I’m super mom, forgot to wear my cape that day.
Home we went. I started washing everything. I took Gage into the kitchen for his oral steroid. He looked at me, put his hand over his mouth and food fell out. Then I realized he was puking. Being 3 he wasn’t quite sure what to do. I let him know it was ok and to just put his hand down and let it come out. Poor guy. Lucky for me we were in the kitchen and not on the carpet. This did worry me though because when he was little every single time we would end up at the hospital he would puke right before we left to be admitted or right when we got there. I measured out his steroid, poured in the pixi stick and he drank it. Thank goodness he kept it down.
If you ever have to give your kids an oral steroid you should taste it first to see what they’re drinking. That stuff is nasty, even with flavoring added. So go buy a bag of pixi sticks at the same time you get the prescription. I dump one entire stick in the dose needed. Right after they swallow it I dump a little more on their tongue. Sure it’s a lot of sugar but it gets the medicine down and it sure does beat ending up at the hospital.
The super crappy thing about him being so sick again on top of how bad he feels is that it’s spring break for Charlie. So now I’m fearing the two of them playing together and Charlie ending up getting it and this whole thing cycles through them again.
That night Charlie and I ran to Walmart to get new play dough. I knew I couldn’t have Gage running the house Wednesday. Charlie and I picked up giant coloring pages, play dough, a few new puzzles and ice cream cups. We were set!

Why did I not take pictures of them playing all day, they were so cute?!

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