With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

More pneumonia

It’s been two weeks since all the kids were sick.

Nathan had a cold then pink eye and now we’re healthy.

That is until Gage started sniffling on Saturday evening. Sunday it was worse and we assumed it was from being outside all weekend and every thing blooming. Monday he was so stuffed up he couldn’t breath through his nose. Tuesday was day 3. Day 3 of a cold has always been the turning point for Gage. If he’s going to get worse it happens on day three. He seemed fine that morning, aside from the stuffy nose, so I sent him to pre-school. When I picked him up after school he started crying as he got in the car saying that his tummy hurt. I asked if he felt like he was going to puke, no. Do you need to go poop, no. Well it’s probably because you didn’t finish your breakfast and your hungry. Then he started coughing. He coughed the whole way home. I sent his teacher a text to see if he had been coughing at school. She said a little but not too much. I could hear him wheezing and took his pulse ox. It was only 94. I had a sick little man on my hands. I gave him a breathing treatment. I then notice he has a fever. It was low grade but I went ahead and gave him motrin. His breathing didn’t seem to get any better with the treatment and in fact it seemed worse. So after an hour I gave him another treatment. His little tummy was really working and I could just tell he felt like crap. About a half hour after that treatment he said his ear hurt. I immediately called and made a doctor appointment for him that afternoon. We had to leave in an hour to go get Charlie then head to the doctors office. Tinleigh woke up from her nap so I fed her then I noticed Gage was just gasping for air. He was panting, his neck was sucking in, his ribs were retracting and he was working at it. So I gave him one more treatment before we left. Three treatments in 3 hours. Not good.
We pick up Charlie and I tell him we’re taking Gage to the doctor.

He’s mad he won’t get to watch Wild Kratts.

Into the doctors office we go and I warn the boys not to touch anything in there because we don’t want more germs. Once we’re called back the nurses look at me with pity. I don’t think we were a family they wanted to see anytime soon. The nurse examines Gage and we talk about what was going on. He leaves and the doctor comes right in. After he listens to him he says he thinks Gage has pneumonia again and he does indeed have an ear infection. He told me the cold he caught sparked the ear infection which in turn kicked up the pneumonia. He wanted Gage to do another breathing treatment while we were there with different medications to see if he could still hear the same sounds he was hearing. Luckily I had brought the portable dvd player. So I got the boys set up like a movie theater. The nurse got Gage hooked up. Then Tinleigh pooped filling the room with a nice stench.

Once the breathing treatment was done the doctor came in. This time he handed me the ear piece of his stethoscope and had me listen to what he was hearing. Yep, Gage had pneumonia again.  I think the doctor had some doubt of how well Gage was going to do. He told me who the doctor on call that night was and that he would let her know what we had going on. Thanks doc. I appreciate the confidence you have in me. He must not know that I’m super mom, forgot to wear my cape that day.
Home we went. I started washing everything. I took Gage into the kitchen for his oral steroid. He looked at me, put his hand over his mouth and food fell out. Then I realized he was puking. Being 3 he wasn’t quite sure what to do. I let him know it was ok and to just put his hand down and let it come out. Poor guy. Lucky for me we were in the kitchen and not on the carpet. This did worry me though because when he was little every single time we would end up at the hospital he would puke right before we left to be admitted or right when we got there. I measured out his steroid, poured in the pixi stick and he drank it. Thank goodness he kept it down.
If you ever have to give your kids an oral steroid you should taste it first to see what they’re drinking. That stuff is nasty, even with flavoring added. So go buy a bag of pixi sticks at the same time you get the prescription. I dump one entire stick in the dose needed. Right after they swallow it I dump a little more on their tongue. Sure it’s a lot of sugar but it gets the medicine down and it sure does beat ending up at the hospital.
The super crappy thing about him being so sick again on top of how bad he feels is that it’s spring break for Charlie. So now I’m fearing the two of them playing together and Charlie ending up getting it and this whole thing cycles through them again.
That night Charlie and I ran to Walmart to get new play dough. I knew I couldn’t have Gage running the house Wednesday. Charlie and I picked up giant coloring pages, play dough, a few new puzzles and ice cream cups. We were set!

Why did I not take pictures of them playing all day, they were so cute?!

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Spring Already?

Everyone is experiencing the wonderful warmer weather and enjoying it! Nature is blooming all around us at our house and we’re taking full advantage.

We went fishing last weekend. Tinleigh went too. She’s got a lot of firsts coming her way this summer. I’m not sure how her feisty attitude is going to flow as we tote her from place to place and through all the summer activities. Maybe I’ll get her a t-shirt that says chillax, chill + relax.

That way as she’s throwing her fits in public people will still think she’s cute and giggle at her t-shirt.
I really didn’t want to go fishing when Nathan asked. Something just kept nudging me to go. I agreed even though there were 1,000 things I wanted to do around the house. It was sunny out and I thought maybe I could start working on my tan.

                                               So I pack:

the boys snacks

the emergency bag

the diaper bag


rubber boots

then fed the kids.

We were ready.
We arrive at the pond. Where in the world did this wind come from?! We’re all in shorts and t-shirts. I needed a hoodie. Luckily I had extra pants and a blanket for Tinleigh. The sun magically disappeared too.
The boys instantly took off hunting for things, bugs, frogs, worms, snakes and anything that was gross.

Nathan castes his line and instantly hooked a bass.

He threw it back and instantly caught another.

This went on 4 or 5 times. I kept telling him it was the same one. So he kept the next one. There weren’t anymore caught for a period of time.

That poor fish ate good but must have been stupid.

The boys finally became interested in actually fishing. Gage caught one and was so proud of himself.
Tinleigh did fine until she got tired. Then it was a gloves off battle. I went ahead and mixed her up a bottle thinking that would help her fall asleep. The wind was so strong that when I took her out of the stroller she couldn’t catch her breath. So we moved to the truck. Apparently I didn’t put enough rice in the formula and I had the new #4 nipple on it causing her to keep choking as she tried to drink. Well this was like adding fuel to the fire. Boy was she fired up. She also pooped while she was eating, something else that sets her off. The girl does not like poop in her diaper. After feeding her, changing her and finally finishing the bottle she was happy. Not sleepy, but happy. I’ve also come to realize that unless she’s in her bed she will not nap long. Usually 10 min tops. She’ll even wake up as I’m driving. Most babies fall asleep and stay asleep during car rides. Not my Tinleigh.

She eventually napped by the pond, for ten minutes.

After 3 hours it was time to think about heading home.

I looked at the boys.

They were smiling little mud balls.

Gage had a tiny frog hanging from his finger by it’s tongue.

Charlie had his boots off worried about the mud in his boo boo on the bottom of his foot. The boo boo he got while walking shoeless in the creek where the sewage water ran into after backing up in our basement. A whole other story.

Nathan was proud of the fish he had caught that day.

The fish that no one can eat.

Tinleigh saw her first bass and proved she will bring her temper with her whatever we do this summer.

The boys had a great day in nature, even though everything is in bloom they did not have any asthma or sinus issues!

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What I got from The Lorax

I took all three kids to see The Lorax. I’m not going to go into all the messages it was sending like save the earth, industry is bad, people just want to be rich and are greedy. I’m sure my 3 and 6 year old didn’t pick up on that.

Anyways, at the very end of the movie there was a Doctor Seuss quote

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

I thought yep, that’s why I blog.

I care so very much and want to raise awareness.

I want others to care and I want everyone to donate to help find a cure.
Take time today and donate a little, or a lot!
It’s up to us to help.


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“You could save a life…” Food Allergy Awareness Poster

“You could save a life…” Food Allergy Awareness Poster.

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February was a bad month for us. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a long story.

About 3 weeks ago Charlie came home from school and had a snack. After he ate his snack I noticed he kept itching his eye. I figured he had rubbed food in his eye and it was irritated. So we washed it off. By bedtime it was producing gunk. When Gage had his peanut butter incident his eye produced gunk too. So I thought that was all it was. We did briefly think maybe it was pink eye. We figured we would know the next morning for sure. We woke up Friday morning and it wasn’t really crusty. The eyeball itself was a little pink but nothing more. I kept him home from school just in case and called the doctor. I asked if I could use the eye drops on Charlie that I had used on Gage for his chalazion. The nurse called back and told me no that they would call something in for pink eye specifically. My parents  happened to come visit that weekend, I feared they would leave with pink eye. As the day went on Charlie’s eye looked ok. Dad and I went to pick up the prescription. It was $78! I declined the eye drops and called the nurse back asking for a generic to be called in. She found something that wouldn’t cost nearly as much. I just couldn’t imagine spending $78 on eye drops especially if it wasn’t pink eye. Well that night at bedtime his eye started making gunk again. We decided it was pink eye and started the drops. The next morning it was in his other eye as well.  I have never seen pink eye and could not believe the gunk an eye can make. It was so gross. Thank goodness the eye drops kick in quick.

On Wednesday, five days later, Gage had pink eye. On Thursday he tells me his ear hurts. We head into the doctor right away because his ears never hurt. Double ear infection. So he starts a round of antibiotics. A few days later Tinleigh’s eyes start making gunk and were a little pink. They didn’t produce nearly the amount the boys did and were never swollen or crusty when she woke up. The nurse suggested she had blocked tear ducts. We didn’t treat it, but now looking back on it, I think she had a mild baby version of pink eye.

That weekend Charlie started coughing. The breathing treatments started. Then he ran a fever on Monday after school. So after dropping Gage off at school on Tuesday I ran Charlie to the doctor. Double ear infection! That day when I picked up Gage from school Charlie said “Hey Gage, I gave you my pink eye and you gave me your ear infection!” Then they both giggled. I didn’t find it so funny.

Wednesday morning Nathan left and wouldn’t return until the following Wednesday. I would also like to point out that we have no family around to help out, they’re all 12 hours + away. We have a few friends in the area, but they all have kids whom we didn’t want to infect! The morning Nathan left Gage started wheezing and coughing with a fever. Then Tinleigh started coughing and running a fever. We went to the doctor and they tested Tinleigh for strep. The strep test came back positive and the doctor said Charlie probably also had strep because they had the same exact cough. They didn’t test Charlie though because he was already on an antibiotic. Tinleigh started her antibiotic. They didn’t test Gage for anything because he was still on his antibiotic which was coming to an end. That weekend I had to call the doctor on call to see if I could give Tinleigh albuterol. She was starting to wheeze with her cough. This broke my heart. Neither of the boys started wheezing this little. By Monday Tinleigh was a lifeless rag doll. I rushed her in to the see the doctor first thing Monday morning.  Her breaths were at 100 per minute. They should be down around 35ish. Passing the doctor in the hall the nurse mentioned this and the doctor literally dropped everything and followed us right into the room. They suctioned Tinleigh’s nose and gave her a few breathing treatments. We got her breaths down to the low 60’s but the doctor wanted her tested for rsv and a chest xray for pneumonia. While we were there I had her listen to Gage too. She said he sounded tight. We had the tests done for Tinleigh and the rsv came back positive and the xray showed she had bronchiolitis.

I’m starting to stress over these sick kids by myself. Sunday I also started a cold which quickly turned into bronchitis. Monday night I started at 4:30 – fed them all, bathed them all and everyone did their breathing treatment. By 7:30 I had not stopped once and I had them all in bed. Three hours just to get to bed! I was wearing out.

Tuesday we went back to the doctor because Tinleigh was dehydrated. She wasn’t eating for me and not producing enough wet diapers. It was to the point that I was putting formula in a medicine dropper and putting drops in her mouth trying to get her to eat. I knew she needed fluids, an IV. So after the doctor examined her she asked if I wanted her admitted. I told her no I thought I could handle this. I’ve had sick kids on breathing treatments before, I knew I could do this. She just needed some fluids in her and we would beat this. So over to the hospital Gage, Tinleigh and I go. Because things are never easy for me there is a hospital story. I’ll cut it short. After finally getting us to a room someone came to “make things right”. She gave us free movie passes and brought us free lunch. Luckily without telling her Gage’s allergies it was a tray of food he could actually eat. So we got Tinleigh’s IV fluids and headed back home. She had a bath that night and was happy and feeling good. Gage had been so good all day, that night I realized why, he had a high fever. He felt like crap.

The next morning Tinleigh wasn’t good at all. There wasn’t anything I could do for her at this point. I called the doctor office and let them know I wanted to admit her to Children’s hospital. They told me to come on in to the office so they could see her so we wouldn’t have to go through the ER when we went to the hospital. Into the office we go. They agreed she needed more than I could do for her. I felt defeated as a mom. There was nothing I could do for her, worst feeling ever. The admitting doctor at Children’s said he did not want me driving her because the trip was over an hour-long to get there and by the time she would be admitted and get a room he didn’t want too much time to lapse between breathing treatments. They said we had to go by ambulance. At this point Nathan is minutes from home. The nurse said I could run Gage home and get the things I needed but I had to leave Tinleigh with her. She promised she would not let the ambulance take her with out me. I had the doctor listen to Gage’s lungs again before we left and told her about his high fever. She told me with everything else going on Gage more than likely had walking pneumonia and gave him another antibiotic. So I run Gage home, Nathan had beat us by a few minutes. That was a tough hello and goodbye. Not seeing each other all week, the stress of my being sick plus dealing with 3 sick kids and one headed to the hospital. I finally had my moment of emotions. I had to quickly run through the medications of who got what when. I hated leaving my sick boys.

Hopping back in the car it was time to suck it up and go take care of my baby. The ambulance finally arrives, they put an IV in her head, I sign papers, they strap her down and we’re off. I had to ride in the front. I was not aware they had little televisions up front so I could still see her in the back. She enjoyed the ride. Took a nap, but spent most of her time looking back and forth between the two nurses on board.

Upon arrival at the hospital and getting checked into our room they immediately stuck a tiny tube up her nose and down her throat to suction her out. This is what they did the entire time we were there. There were no breathing treatments, only suctioning. If I would have known this was how they treat rsv from the start I never would have kept her home with me. She was put on oxygen that night. The poor thing just slept and slept.We stayed until Friday evening around 7pm. By the time we left Tinleigh was only taking an ounce and a half a feeding. She would nurse, but not very well. The doctor told me once they cross over the hump they rarely go backwards. So as long as I could keep her eating and getting her intake up we would be fine.

I was also still trying to nurse through all this. I don’t produce a lot so our routine is I nurse her both sides then she takes a bottle. Well she hadn’t really eaten since Monday and trying to do everything on my own I didn’t really have time to pump for her. The hospital was actually a good thing because it gave me a break and time to pump. I spoke with a lactation consultant while I was there, she gave me guidance on getting things going again. I also got to actually eat and drink while we were there. This helped me to feel better. With bronchitis my body would just stiffen up by evening. I was in pain and didn’t want to move every night. My legs and my entire back would just burn. I’m sure part of it was lack of food and water. The first night at the hospital I was in such pain I actually begged and offered a nurse money for two IB Profrin. By the time we left the hospital my cold had moved from my chest to my sinuses and I was well hydrated!That weekend it turned into a sinus infection.

The boys were great by the time I got home with Tinleigh. We stuck to pulmacort for 2 more weeks in the nebulizer just to keep our asthma and wheezing at bay. Tinleigh started taking in more and more formula with in a few days. I did end up quitting nursing. She would try, then just look at me like I was crazy and there was nothing in there. It’s always hard to quit nursing, that bond is so special. She got 5+ months of breast milk, better than nothing. I got on my own antibiotic that next Monday and was healing quickly.

I am not sure how I actually made it through those 3 weeks without having a break down. I just did it. At one point I had 14 medications sitting on my counter for 3 kids. That’s insane! I will say that the final week my housework did come to a halt. I absolutely could not do it all. Nathan did come to the rescue and helped out with some things while we were at the hospital. He sent me a text while I was there telling me he has a new profound respect for me as a stay at home mom. Made me feel good. Nathan started his cold that following weekend and got pink eye from the eye doctor that next Monday.

Everyone is much better now.

However, everything is in bloom and the sniffles have started.

The saga continues…

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