With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Allergy Baking Tips

When trying new recipes that are allergy friendly there are a few things I like to do.
1. Cut the recipe in half when making it for the first time. This saves on expensive flours, especially if it doesn’t turn out or isn’t as yummy as you hoped.
2. If the recipe turns out good wrap some up and throw it in the freezer to see how well it freezes. This way you’ll know if it’s something that has to be eaten fresh.
3. If the baked good does freeze well make a huge batch and freeze it! It’s hard having things to grab and eat when you have allergies. I keep Gage’s pizza crust, bread, pancakes and even cupcakes in the freezer at all times. Need a quick dinner? Make a pizza. Running out the door in the morning? I grab him a chocolate chip pancake to eat in the car. Invited to a birthday party? You already have a special cupcake in the freezer ready to go, it just needs icing. Things like that make dealing with allergies seem like you have a “normal” life.
4. Make sure when you freeze any allergy friendly foods you write the ingredients on the bag. This way if their allergies change and it’s something you haven’t made in a while you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

Just a few ideas to toss your way. Hopefully they help make your allergy life a little easier so you can get out there and keep LIVING!

What are some things you do to make allergy meals easier?

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