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Charlie’s Party

Charlie had a secret agent spy birthday party this year.  A month ahead I asked him if he wanted to invite any friends from school, he said no. He only wanted his family. GREAT!  🙂  I did it up right for him though. We had the party the weekend my in-laws came to visit.

Every secret agent needs a badge and disguise. Every, secret agent

EveryoneAfter everyone had their gear on we head to the basement for the secret agent spy obstacle course.Crawl through the tunnelBalance across the plank (front porch Santa decoration)

Then we


to balance



a spoon

and walk

them from

one point

to another.

Next they had to jump over hangers laying on the floor.

The last task was to toss bean bag animals into a bucket.

Once they completed the course they each received a certificate of completion. You have completed the Secret Agent Spy Course.

Next we went upstairs and they had to read a message in the mirror that had been printed backwards. We also played a game where you put some items on a tray, let them study them, then have them look away as you sneak out one or two of the items. They then have to tell you what you removed. The last game was a treasure hunt. I put big question marks around the house. They were given clues at each question mark that led them to the next one. The final mark is where Charlie found all his presents!

Then came the cake! I used Bob’s Red Mill chocolate cake mix. Instead of egg I used the EnerG egg replacement. To get the round shape I bought a Wilton’s sports ball cake pan. I was quite proud of myself. I thought it turned out pretty good. We are able to use regular Betty Crocker frosting. I don’t like to use fondant, frosting just tastes better. We go for taste, not for looks. (Charlie is shirtless 90% of the time no matter what season it is)

That night for dinner we let Charlie eat his very own lobster tail. It’s one of his more recent foods he just got back into his diet. When we told him we bought him one for dinner and he asked if he could eat it the next day instead because he didn’t want to have a reaction on his party day. Hearing that made me sad. Nathan said he’s just a smart boy not wanting to ruin his party. We reassured him that he would be just fine to eat the lobster. I’ve never seen someone eat a lobster tail so fast. Happy 6th Birthday Charlie!

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