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My bad luck

I have bad luck.  That’s just how it is.
My birthday in December – completely embarrased at lunch with singing from the wait staff then served cake and ice cream that I couldn’t even eat because of my new Tinleigh diet. Came home to find the basement filled with sewage water. Horrible birthday.
Our anniversary on New Years Eve – Had to leave family and fly back to our house which made me sad. Brushing my teeth that night Nathan tossed something on the counter and it scared me. I jabbed my toothbrush under my tongue clear in the back of my mouth. Blood gushed. The next day I couldn’t talk, turn my head, open my mouth or eat.
This past week – Monday morning Charlie informed me his tennis shoes were too small. Why couldn’t he have told me this on friday? I felt his toe and sure enough they were clear at the end. So after school I drove all three kids to the mall an hour away only to find out they had removed stride rite since we were there last. Are you kidding me?!  Both boys have wide feet and stride rite has wide width shoes. I call Nathan and he suggests I try the kind of nikes he has because they are wider. So we find a pair and they fit! We then head to the one food place there the boys can eat only to find it’s closed. I felt defeated.
Tuesday charlie wore his new shoes to school. I took Gage to a local small town shoe store that I found out carried stride rite. They didn’t have wide width in Gage’s size but we did find some new balance that worked! Tuesday afternoon Charlie showed me the bruises his new shoes caused on the tops of his feet.
Wednesday Gage, Tinleigh and I drove an hour back to the mall to return the shoes. We also stopped at Gage’s special food store. Found Gage some black bean pasta since he can’t have wheat, corn or rice pasta. Picked Charlie up from school and took him to the shoe store in town. They didn’t have any shoes to fit him. That night at dinner the boys had the black bean pasta. Gage broke out in hives.
Thursday – I got the dreaded phone call from Gage’s school. Nathan came home after lunch for Benadryl because of cross contamination at the restuarant. Charlie got a few blisters on his bottom lip during dinner. Wasn’t anything major though.
Friday – I had to take Tinleigh to the doctor for a skin issue. The doctor hasn’t seen anything like it and i have to take her to a dermatologist. Gage woke up that morning still looking like he was in a boxing match. I decided I needed some wine that night. So after picking Charlie up from school I drove all 3 kids to a winery down the road. I herd them all into the store and request two bottles of the best stuff around. The man informs me they are all out. I slammed my head on the counter. Of course they were all out. That’s how it goes for me. This was the first time I had ever made a trip to buy myself some. I did buy another bottle of something not quite as good but it would do. The girl working happily informed me it had higher alcohol content. Not sharing her enthusiasium I informed her i was breastfeeding and could only actually drink a little bit. I think I saw pity in her face, I accepted it. 🙂
Here’s hoping to a better week next week! Cheers.

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