With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

After baby, back to LIVING.

Not for those against hunting.
I had Tinleigh very early on a tuesday morning. We went home on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday Nathan went back to work and we had our new furniture delivered. Friday I attempted to have the boys ready for school on my own. Saturday Nathan went deer hunting. Luckily my mom came to stay for the whole week.
Back to the deer. He didn’t get the big buck he wanted but a doe is great too. He brought her home and told me a buddy was coming over to help him get it ready for the butcher. He had gutted it in the woods before he left. Mind you we live in a neighborhood, not in the country. Nathan’s running all over the house on a search. I ask him what he’s looking for and he tells me he can’t find his pulley triangle. I knew what he was talking about but didn’t know why he would need it. He explained they needed to hoist the deer up in the garage to prepare it. At that point I started freaking out. Exhausted from lack of sleep, knowing the mess this is going to make and how Nathan doesn’t clean up messes very well I was not a happy camper. We head down to the basement to look in some unpacked boxes. Nathan starts looking at the ceiling. I said what are you looking at? He says the basement ceiling would be much easier since he can’t find his pulley. There is NOT an outside exit from the basement which would mean the deer would have to come through the house. NO WAY NATHAN! So once he knew I meant business he headed back out to the garage to talk it over with his buddy how they would hang it. Still freaking out, my mom calms me down. During all this Charlie and Gage are outside trying to get as close to the deer as they can. Again, I’m freaking out thinking they’re going to get some weird deer disease. I hear some drilling and banging going on then Gage comes in and tells me the deer is hanging up. EW. I would post a picture but it just feels wrong to post it for all to see. I can’t imagine what people thought as they drove by. Gage heads back out. I peek my head out to check on Charlie. He’s so into it! Of course he thinks its awesome. They start peeling the skin down. Gage comes back in and stays. I didn’t think he could handle watching it. Charlie watched it till the end. I couldn’t believe it, so gross to see.
So now we have a deer in the freezer that we can’t eat! Last year deer bothered Nathans allergies so he can’t eat it, says he’s going to though. Until Charlie and Gage get scoped again they can’t eat it. I just don’t really care for it. So it will stay put for a while until we get the green light to give it to the boys.
We are back to LIVING 4 days after baby.

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Attempting A Come Back

It’s been 6 weeks since having Tinleigh. To sum up the last 6 weeks, Tinleigh likes to cry. At one week Tinleigh went on zantac. At 3 weeks Tinleigh went on prevacid. She’s also on a tummy relaxer. I cut dairy out of my diet along with caffine. She still screams. When I say scream, I mean if she was awake she was screaming. I could tone it down to crying but after 6 weeks I say screaming. Around 4 weeks I found that wrapping her in a snug swaddle, standing up and swinging her with a shushing sound would calm her. At 5 week she decided she didn’t like it anymore. She does sleep at night. At first she had an every other night routine, but now she’ll go a 5-6 hour stretch.
She spits up, sometimes pure acid. The pediatrician wanted to talk to the boys GI doctor about looking further into it. I didn’t want to go down that path already with her. I decided that Tinleigh just likes to be heard. She has had a few days where she didn’t cry at all. Still spit up, but no crying. She also napped well on those days. Made me realize the days she was screaming she wasn’t napping. I’ve come to the conclusion that she was so overtired she could’t calm down. She has a bit of a hard time falling asleep anyways. She’ll dose off then wake up, spit up and can’t get back to sleep on her own. She also doesn’t always want held to fall asleep. She wants to be put in her swing, wrapped up in a blanket with her pacifier. So the fact that she can be happy and content leads me to believe she doesn’t need more doctors.
Tinleigh LOVES Nathan. I could be trying everything to quiet her, she looks at him and coo’s and grins. I think she already knows exactly what she’s doing. She is adorable, but it’s been hard. We’ve had a few moments where she’ll smile at me and try to coo a little big and I’ve loved it. I’m holding out for the 3 month mark. Many people with cranky babies have told me that’s when their baby stopped crying. If she’s still crying so much after that then we’ll talk to the GI doctor. I really doubt she has any issues like that though.
She did break out with baby acne. Really bad baby acne. We’re talking covered her face, neck, entire head including ear, chest, shoulder and back. It’s been a good week now. Her face is starting to clear up. Sort of a huge relief. Nathan and I were quietly afraid it was an allergic reaction.
So as long as she’s not screaming all day I can hopefully get back to blogging!

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