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Sorry no new content

Poor Tinleigh is having tummy issues. She screams the majority of the time in pain and we’re trying to get her figured out. My house is barely getting cleaned, there is no time for the blog right now. I have lots of stories to tell since she’s arrived so check back! Possibly another week and I’ll try my hardest to get back on here.

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A small pause, for someone small


Baby has arrived!
Tinleigh is her name
staying awake at night is her game.
I’ll be back to posting as soon as I figure out how to be a time managing mom of three!

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Wheezing Cold

The boys are both healthy right now. As the fall weather is trying to set in the evenings are getting rather cool. We were outside tonight for maybe a half hour. When we came in it was time for bed. While taking their allergy medicine and vitamin Gage choked and coughed. This has been sort of normal for him lately so I didn’t think too much of it. Off to bed and everything is fine. As I leave I hear Gage cough a few times. Nathan and I were talking in the kitchen not 5 min later Gage came out. He has been doing this for quite a while, it’s an ongoing battle to keep him in bed. He says he’s “weeing”. I asked him to say it again, he did then blew all his air out so I could hear it. So I put my ear to his back and sure enough it sounded like a scratchy record in there. This was a first for him having an attack just from the cold air. So I pour the albuterol in the nebulizer and he gets to cuddle with me and watch a 15 min cartoon. He was totally clear after the treatment.
I’m really hoping his asthma isn’t getting worse. This will make for a horrible winter mixed with his wheezing that comes with every cold.

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Dear Husband,

I want to start by saying how lucky you are. You called me a half hour before leaving work to inform me we would be having a co-worker for dinner. I already had dinner started for us. Make that three different meals. So now I must reorganize and quickly figure out a meal worthy enough for a guest. Also, I need more warning to make sure toys aren’t all over the house and the house is clean. Too bad I didn’t mop yesterday, guess I’ll do it right now.

I must also remind you that I am 9 months pregnant!

Then once everything was ready and you were home he calls and cancels!
Guess I should just be happy I don’t still have to mop.

Please don’t ever do this to me again. Next time, I might get angry.

your wife

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