With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Tractor Pulls

One very hot, 96 degrees to be exact, summer night we ventured out to the tractor pulls. The humidity was so high you just instantly started to sweat as soon as you stepped out of any air conditioning. It was something we had never done though and literally right down the road. How could we pass it up?  Upon arrival we realized this was how the hillbilly’s do it. Pretty much out in a field with some old wooden bleachers lining the track. Might have been a fun time back in college with a cooler, minus the kids and minus me being 7 months pregnant. We made the best of it. We let the boys pick out some candy from the stand, something they rarely get to do. They each also got to have pop, another rarity. We found some seats somewhat in the shade, but there was no breeze to be found. As we dripped with sweat and waited for the action to begin the boys decided they wanted to go home. I didn’t blame them one bit but we had paid and we were going to watch the show!

Finally the trucks started. After the first run we quickly realized we had forgotten Gage doesn’t like loud sounds. We think he has sensitive hearing. He instantly wanted to go home. Luckily, Nathan being the brilliant husband he is, he magically pulled earplugs from his pockets. I had the emergency bag but hadn’t thought of earplugs. So that helped, a little. I still had to hold my hands over his ears when each and every truck went by.

Once things got started I was concerned with how heavy the air was. The clouds of smoke would just hover above us. I was happy it had rained earlier in the day to keep the dust down. Luckily no one had an asthma attack.

When the trucks were over it was time for the tractors. I was excited to see the tractors. Growing up in a farm community and I had never seen tractor pulls. It was exciting, for the tractors that made it. I don’t know if it was because it was so hot out, but tractor after tractor broke down right in front of us. We did see a few go at it and blow fire making it to the end. Charlie thought it was the best night of his life. His eyes would light up as each machine passed by. It was fun just watching his expressions and hearing him cheer them on.

Overall it was a fun night of sweating, holding our ears, learning all about porta pottys and tractor pulls.

Thank goodness no asthma attacks.

The only bad thing that happened were my swollen hands and feet.

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