With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Stinky food store

Since moving we have not had to shop at a health food store because our diets are somewhat “normal”.  Over the weekend though we removed wheat and oats from Gage’s diet. This led Gage and I right through the doors of a local “Stinky food store”.

As soon as Gage and I walked in the door his hands went over his nose and he started yelling how bad it smelled and he wanted to leave! This made me laugh. So I reminded him of the cookies he was going to get and he quieted down. He then put his shirt over his nose so he could breathe.

Down the first aisle and all the emotions hit me in the gut. The same feelings I would have when the boys were first diagnosed with EE and I was struggling to find foods for them to eat. Being almost 6 months pregnant didn’t help my emotions either. So as I sucked up my tears Gage and I went down each aisle trying to find his cookies and seeing what new items were available that he might be able to eat. Not much. I still got angry when the crackers had potato starch and the animal cookies had pea starch in them. So many items would have just one ingredient that didn’t allow it to be safe for Gage. We did find the Enjoy Life cookies Gage use to eat. He was so excited for them. He told me he remembered them! I guess it was just 9 months ago. But he’s only 3! We also found daddy some more flavors of his rice milk ice cream, very exciting.

It was a successful trip in finding basic foods for Gage like bread mix, crackers and cookies. However, once in the car Gage let me know that he didn’t want to go back to that stinky store. 😉

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