With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Gage’s Breakfast

I forgot how hard breakfast was without wheat and oats! Just try it for a morning. Better yet, try it out on your preschooler. No, try it out for a week on your preschooler.

Let’s see there’s yogurt, fruit, bacon and a few corn cereals. We’re on that for the next 3 months at a minimum. He’s also going through a growth spurt and wants to eat. It’s getting hard.

I’ve tried some pancakes with “weird” flours. Today I tried Johnny Cakes!  Super simple recipe.

2 cups cornmeal

1tsp salt

4 TBS butter

1 cup milk

2 TBS boiling water


1. Mix cornmeal, sat and butter together. Add the milk and enough water to make a moist but firm batter.

2. Drop by large spoonfuls onto a hot greased griddle. Flip when brown on one side.

They were thick, I mean thick. So you may want to flatten them a bit with the spatula once you drop them on the griddle. The Johnny cakes were yummy and taste a bit like a corn muffin. You can top with butter and honey or maple syrup. I think even spreading jelly on them would be good. Gage liked his with syrup and a side of turkey bacon.

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Getting Funky with the Quesadillas

I’ve never ventured outside of cheese for the boys quesadillas. I have on occasion cut up some teeny tiny pieces of meat and hid it in there. Today – I went all out. With Gage now wheat free I had to get him some corn quesadillas.

First I cooked up some black beans and mashed them just a bit. With Charlie being able to eat beans now I can expand some of their meals and sneak in some extra fiber. I spooned some of that onto the wheat and corn quesadillas. Topped it with a few spoonfuls of canned sweet corn and black olives. I finished up with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I cook each on their own hot skillet, don’t want  to cross contaminate. Flip a few times and it’s done!

I always garnish their plates with sour cream, mild safe salsa and some mashed up avocado. They typically will only eat the sour cream, but they always try out the other dips.

At first they were both a little unsure about what I had done to their quesadillas but the more they ate the more they liked them! I was pretty excited to get them to eat it!


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Big hearted big brother

This morning after a healthy breakfast Gage asked for one of his Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies. I said sure and he went and grabbed two. Charlie of course had to have a cookie as well. So I gave him the go ahead and he went and got a couple of his Cherry Brook Kitchen chocolate chip cookies. Gage ate his cookies right up and asked for more. Charlie told Gage he could have one of his. I interrupted and let them know that Gage can’t have that kind anymore because we have to wait for his throat and allergies to get better. They both acknowledged that they remembered that. Then Charlie said to Gage “Gage, I hope your throat gets better soon so you can have these cookies again.”

It just touched my heart that even though Gage still has cookies Charlie wanted his little brother to get better again so they can share.  I must be doing something right!


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Pancakes – the hard way

Since removing wheat and oats from Gage’s diet again we’re back to baking with the “weird” flours. I found a great blog that I was able to contact and get a pancake recipe from. I did have to swap out a few ingredients because Gage either couldn’t eat them or we didn’t have that specific flour on hand.  They cooked up great! A bit flat but we aren’t able to use egg or an egg replacer. I typically use a little mixture of oil, water and baking powder instead of egg. The great thing about the pancakes is they weren’t chewy. We’ve had a hard time in the past figuring out the flours and things always ended up chewy. These actually had some fluff to them, even though they were flat. As far as taste went I think because I swapped out the main flour it made ours taste a bit too nutty for Gage’s liking. He ate a few bites then decided he didn’t like them. So we’ll try again.

We were just excited it was a great starting off point for pancakes, a true staple in our house!

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I am so excited! We got accepted into the EE specialist group in our area. Well, it’s a bit of a drive, but close enough!

The group consists of an allergist, a GI doctor and a nutritionist. We don’t go until September, but I am willing to wait. With the conflicting new blood test and scope results my head is starting to spin. I think a group of doctors actually working together would help ease my thoughts about what’s going on. Instead of one doctor doing one test, another doing the scope then they just sort of rely on each other to give good advice on what to do. I loved my doctors in Indiana and wish I could find a pair like them again. Hopefully this new group will be it!

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Millet treats!

I found a bag of Millet puffs while at the stinky food store with Gage. I had never seen them in this form and figured I could do something with them. Once I got them home it hit me, Millet treats! Like rice crispy treats but using millet instead.

So this morning I made my first attempt at millet treats. I followed the basic rice crispy treat recipe and just added the millet when it called for Rice Crispies.

Charlie was so excited he could hardly wait for them to cool. So I let him lick off the spatula. He loved them! They were a bit chewy and reminded me of a popcorn texture. That led me to thinking maybe next I’ll try millet balls. Like popcorn balls.

A friend told me they do millet treats but with honey and peanut butter. Sad, we’re nut free. Those sound pretty darn good! Maybe someday.

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Chebe pizza

Good old Chebe. They haven’t changed it and Gage still loves it!  Good thing.

I made the boys pizza for dinner tonight. I pulled out a Boboli for Charlie and a box of Chebe pizza dough mix for Gage. It saddened me that I had to mix it up for him. Trying to see the positive though,  at least he can eat something similar to pizza.

I had forgotten that it called for eggs. That made me mad. Then I remembered we use the oil, water and baking powder mixture instead of egg. Works just about the same.

I made 4 little pizzas so that I could freeze 3 to have on hand when I need them.

I loaded up one little pizza with sauce, left over diced up chicken, mushrooms, black olives and cheese. I cut it into triangles just like Charlie’s pizza and Gage never even noticed his was different.


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Blood tests and scopes

Both boys got their blood test results back from the microarray test. At first I was so excited! Charlie’s showed he was only allergic to Peaches and Kiwi. Charlie’s environmental came back positive to basically everything outside including mold, dust, cat and dog. He should probably be in a bubble. Gage’s food test showed only nuts, eggs and soy. His outdoor came back with a few grasses, russian thistle (tumble weeds when they’re alive) and cockroaches. Darn cockroaches. lol

So pure excitement ran through Nathan and I. The boys are doing better, we’re going to get to add just about everything back into their diets!

Then the questions ran through my head. What about the foods that Charlie has shown actual reactions to? The blisters on his lips when he eats mustard, the itchy mouth when he eats beef or the hives he gets when he touches any kind of melon? What about the foods that made Gage vomit, have diarrhea or hives?

Even more thoughts crossed my mind about the test and what the doctor had said about environmental allergies triggering Charlie’s EE. Charlie was tested the first time for EE in May of 2010. He was just scoped again June 7th. With his environmental allergies at their highest right now I would certainly think that his scope will come back positive. He’s been having throat clearing issues, lots of asthma attacks and swollen eyes. So certainly this will prove Charlie’s EE is environmental.

June 7th – Charlie’s scope day. Gage had been on an oral steroid for his asthma the week prior so he would not be scoped the same day as we usually do it. Charlie’s scope went great. Everything looked perfect and he had zero eosinophils in his esophagus. He did have a few in his duodenum but the doctor said a few there is normal. SUPER! However, this does not answer the question is Charlie’s EE caused by environmental allergens. Charlie’s allergies are so bad right now I expected his esophagus to be a mess. So I’m now very leery of the microarray test and what it has shown for Charlie. So we have started adding more foods back into Charlie’s diet. We started with beans. He LOVES lima beans and green beans. Nathan gave him a can of bean and bacon soup for lunch this weekend and Charlie ate half the can! Things are going great for Charlie.

June 21st – Gage’s scope day. Very bad news. Gage’s esophagus was very inflamed, had furrows and plaque. The doctor said the plaque could be a yeast infection from the medicine that sits on his esophagus every night. We would treat it with nystatin if it came back positive for yeast. She also said the plaque is very common with EE. Not sure yet what the result of that test is. We did get Gage’s eosinophil count – 49. That is the highest his has ever been. It’s actually as high as Nathan’s. Broke my heart. He hasn’t shown any outward reactions, nothing. I don’t have the rest of the results for his stomach and duodenum. Since Gage’s last scope in December that was clean we had added back wheat, oats and corn. We have now removed wheat and oats. My mom gut feeling has told me from the start that wheat is Gage’s trigger. I hate if I’m right. We are basically back to the beginning with Gage. He is off all foods we started with except corn. We really hope his next scope is clean so he can keep corn.

So that’s where we are now. The highs and lows off EE.

Nathan is not being scoped at this time. He is doing well enough he doesn’t feel like he needs to be seen. I’ll push him more this winter to get things checked out again.

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Stinky food store

Since moving we have not had to shop at a health food store because our diets are somewhat “normal”.  Over the weekend though we removed wheat and oats from Gage’s diet. This led Gage and I right through the doors of a local “Stinky food store”.

As soon as Gage and I walked in the door his hands went over his nose and he started yelling how bad it smelled and he wanted to leave! This made me laugh. So I reminded him of the cookies he was going to get and he quieted down. He then put his shirt over his nose so he could breathe.

Down the first aisle and all the emotions hit me in the gut. The same feelings I would have when the boys were first diagnosed with EE and I was struggling to find foods for them to eat. Being almost 6 months pregnant didn’t help my emotions either. So as I sucked up my tears Gage and I went down each aisle trying to find his cookies and seeing what new items were available that he might be able to eat. Not much. I still got angry when the crackers had potato starch and the animal cookies had pea starch in them. So many items would have just one ingredient that didn’t allow it to be safe for Gage. We did find the Enjoy Life cookies Gage use to eat. He was so excited for them. He told me he remembered them! I guess it was just 9 months ago. But he’s only 3! We also found daddy some more flavors of his rice milk ice cream, very exciting.

It was a successful trip in finding basic foods for Gage like bread mix, crackers and cookies. However, once in the car Gage let me know that he didn’t want to go back to that stinky store. 😉

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