With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Charlie my love

Charlie is a super caring little 5-year-old. I had an ultra sound this week and we took the boys along. Thought it would be fun for them to actually see the baby inside mommy. As I laid back on the table and the nurse dimmed the lights Charlie approached the foot of the bed and said “It will be just fine mom”. He then started to rub the lower part of my legs to comfort me.He continued to stand there rubbing them until I was done.

Later that evening Charlie got in trouble for getting a little aggressive with the box of Cheese Its when I said it was time to put them up. Nathan yelled at Charlie and told him we don’t act like that. Charlie turned to Nathan getting tears in his eyes and said “Dad, you better not yell when we have the baby here, you’ll make it cry”. Nathan responded “well you better not act up”. Charlie said, now crying, “you can’t yell like that because you’ll make the baby cry!”. Oh my goodness, I won’t have to worry about any jealousy with him, he’ll just be an over protector!

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