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Stuffed peppers

I decided on stuffed peppers tonight, they’re somewhat easy to make. However, the boys are allergic to beef and rice. So I’ll use ground turkey and pasta for them. I have to be super careful while making this meal as a slight switch would put all three of them in the hospital.

So here we go…

I cooked some rice for Nathan and myself then I found some small pasta alphabet letters for the boys. I then threw some ground beef into the rice and some ground turkey into the letters. I always make sure not to mix the utensils! You should see how many dirty ones I have by the time I get done! I then spoon in some diced tomatoes. I buy the kind with onion and garlic so I don’t have to spend time sauteing them. Sure it would probably taste a little better but I do enough. The recipe then calls for a tablespoon of oregano. I put about a half tablespoon in the boys since they have less. I mix that all together so it’s ready to go in the pepper. The sauce I make is just ketchup, water and Worcestershire sauce. The boys can’t have the Worcestershire sauce so I mixed a little safe bbq sauce with their ketchup. I boil each of the peppers for 3 minutes before stuffing them. I start with a layer of the meat mixture then put a little of the sauce in there. I finish it up with more meat and sauce. On the top I make an indention with the spoon so it can hold the sauce. Bake until done. The boys took 40 min and ours took over an hour. Nathan grew up eating his with mashed potatoes so I cut up and boil some potatoes for him.

That’s it! Easy and safe for everyone.

Mommy needs a foot rub.

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Stay tuned…

Tonight stuffed peppers for everyone! Each their own way according to allergies.

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Mom tip

When at the grocery, if the regular item has ingredients in it your allergy person can’t have always look at the light or fat free version. They often will omit ingredients and it may end up a friendly food in your home!

For example – Smart balance butter has dairy in it. The Smart Balance light does not.

So take the time to look at items closely to expand their food variety.

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Ready for disaster?

Something has been on my mind. There are tornadoes, flooding, bad storms and wild fires happening all across the United States. Are you ready for a disaster? Are you allergy ready for your family?

Thinking about the worst of the worst I would not be ready. I am making a list of the things I would need for my boys if a tornado or flood hit our town.

Since we’re on special diets we need special foods. I’m thinking canned foods we can eat. Vienna sausage is gross but they love it and can eat it. The chicken version anyways. I’ll buy some canned fruit and a few cans of the veggies they can eat. Maybe some oatmeal?

We definitely would need our medications. Which are all in the same place and would not be hard to grab in an emergency. I will buy some extra cold medications. I’m also considering the travel nebulizer that can plug into a car for battery power. I’ve actually been wanting one of these for a while.

So grab some extra thins for your allergy family along with the regular recommended list

What else would you need? Make your list so you’re ready for your kids!

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