With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Easter Eggs

Charlie: mom did the Easter bunny come get our eggs?
Me: yes
charlie: Is he filling them up with candy again?
Me: probably not yet it would be yucky.
Charlie: Oh, is he making the candy?
Me: No he’s tired
Charlie: Is he just sitting around watching tv?
Me: Charlie I don’t know
Charlie: is he sleeping?
Me: Charlie how am I suppose to know?
Charlie: Because you’re the smartest mom ever! duh!

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My gift

Talking to Nathan on the phone this morning I filled him in on our plans for the day. I told him we were going to the park this morning. Then coming home to play in the sandbox, have lunch, then a shower, snack then nap. Later we’ll get up, play, eat dinner then head to the pro bass shop before picking him up at the airport.

He says to me: I have a $25 gift card laying on the dresser for pro bass shop. Take it and get yourself something nice.

Do I deserve such a super nice husband?  lol

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Mr. Tummy

So the boys got punished and had to take a nap today. Charlie comes out after about 15 min. and says mom my tummy is growling. I said well you should have finished your lunch get back in bed.As he’s walking away he says well my tummy told me if i don’t get something in there he’s going to give me a piece of his mind.

Good thing he closed the door and couldn’t hear me laughing.

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I raise them tough!

We’re getting ready to head out the door. I’m using the restroom as Gage smashes his hand in the garage door. He screams and runs in to me. Big giant tears, stiff fingers, I hug him and tell him just a minute I’ll get you a cold wash cloth. He shows me he can bend his fingers. He then backs up from me, wipes his tears and says: I no need wash cloth mom, I tough cowboy. I tough.

Yep, I’m raising men! ūüôā

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Pajama jeans!

So as we’re leaving to take Nathan to the airport this morning

Charlie asks : mom, do you like your jeans?

Me: Yes Charlie.

Charlie: Well, mom, do you like your pajamas?

Me: Yes Charlie.

Charlie: Well then you should get pajama jeans! They don’t leave those nasty jean marks.

Nathan and I were laughing so hard.

Although some maternity pajama jeans don’t sound too bad!

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Comfort food – two ways

What could beat hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes? NOTHING. So that’s the goal dinner for the evening. No, not sausage gravy, hamburger gravy!

For a while we were doing sausage gravy since no one but myself could eat beef. Nathan has since added beef back to his diet and the boys now have turkey. So Charlie and Gage will have turkey gravy.

Ground turkey and ground hamburger

I started out with one skillet of a pound of hamburger and the other maybe 3/4 cup ground turkey. Which I made add is a brand new cooking food for me. With Nathan being deathly allergic to poultry I’ve never branched out in cooking with chicken or turkey. This was the first pound of ground turkey I’ve ever bought.

I then chopped up some onion and tossed it in. Then brown the meat and drain the grease.

After you have drained the grease turn the heat down and add enough broth to cover the top of the meat plus a little more. I have found some generic chicken broth that the boys can have. A lot of it has celery – they can’t have celery. Nathan is still technically allergic to beef so to reduce the amount of beef in the meal I add vegetable broth. Simmer this until some of the broth cooks down, then add a little more.

While this is going on I boiled some potatoes and popped some biscuits in the oven. We typically eat this meal over mashed potatoes but since Gage is allergic to potatoes he’ll have his over a biscuit. To make the mashed potatoes with this meal is tricky. Technically I should be making two batches.¬† Since Nathan can’t have dairy he uses a non-dairy butter and would use rice or soy milk. Charlie can’t have rice or soy. So in this case I just use Nathans butter and regular milk. Are you confused yet on who gets what? lol

Once the broth has cooked a while longer mix up some corn starch and water to thicken it. If you want more gravy add more broth at this point. Make it as thick or thin as you like. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Poof it’s done! Charlie gets the mashed potatoes with turkey gravy. Gage has a biscuit with turkey gravy. Nathan and I have hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes.

Phew I’m tired.

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Another kids dinner

With Nathan out-of-town on business I know my dinner plans will be minimal. So to make it even easier on myself I just ask they boys what they want.

Charlie: mac and cheese

Gage: pizza

Charlie’s is super easy – I break out the Kraft. Then he asked for a pizza too.

For Gage I use their special bread. I spread on some pizza sauce, sprinkle on some mozzarella  cheese and lay it right on the oven rack. I bake it for around 5-8 min at 350 degrees. Just enough to melt the cheese  and make the bread crusty.

Easiest dinner than last night! Not as healthy though.

hmmmm what does this pregnant belly want to eat?

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Super Healthy, Super Easy Supper!

Kids don’t like things mixed together. Forget about casseroles. Especially if you have EE.

I made the easiest dinner for the boys last night!

We had some left over Pillsbury crescent rolls. I cut them open and laid a slice of Velveeta on them. I warmed up a hot dog, cut it lengthwise then again in half. Laying the cut side on the cheese I put the top on allowing the warm hotdog to melt the cheese. While that was happening I broke out the veggies. Some carrots, broccoli, and tomatoes.  Added a little fat-free Kraft ranch dressing for a dipping sauce and I was done! But wait, what about some fruit to balance this meal out?  I cut up a banana, thawed out some strawberries and cut them up and dumped in a small can of mandarin oranges. I then sprinkled it with some sugar and put it in the fridge to chill while they ate their dinner.

It took a little coaxing on all the veggies but they cleaned their plates and gobbled up the fruit! My kids are both allergic to a lot of veggies and fruit. Have your list of what your kids can eat handy and pick from that to create their healthy easy dinner plate and fruit bowl. We are just now able to eat the fat-free ranch dressing and hot dogs. There’s egg in regular dressing and most hot dots have tons of things we can’t have.¬† You could mix some sour cream with bacon bits and chill for an hour or so allowing the bacon bits flavor to sink into the sour cream. I know Tastefully Simple has a lot of dry dip mixes you can get. Just add them to sour cream or if you can have egg use mayonnaise.

I felt really good knowing they both had a healthy dinner in their bellies. Nathan and I had left over burritos. He wasn’t as happy. ūüėČ

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Getting ready for kindergarten

I need some advice. I need to relax. School doesn’t start for 4 months. Other kids with EE go to school right? He’ll be just fine. AUGH I’m so nervous, scared, he’s my baby, they don’t know his reactions like I do, will they notice, what if, what if, WHAT IF?!

I have filled out the regular kindergarten forms. I have filled out 20 extra forms just for Charlie’s allergies, asthma and EE. We have action plans for everything set up. I’ve spoken to the head nurse at the school. I plan to meet with his teacher. I will take him and pick him up everyday. We live right around the corner from the school. I will pack his food. He’s smart enough to know not to eat anything someone gives him.

As a mom with a child with EE how do I handle this? I will not make him stay home and home school him. He deserves to feel normal, even when he’s not. I can’t be at school with him everyday. It will all be ok, right? Help moms, I need some reassurance.

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Had a bigger than oops on vacation

Gosh darn if mommy didn’t have a brain fart while on vacation. I blame it on the new baby.

A few weeks after our move the boys and I went to visit my snow bird parents. Mom had everything we would need for the beach including lotion. We have only ever used Aveeno lotions. Mom had another well-known brand. After day one we quickly learned that Gage was allergic to the lotion. He had a head to toe rash. I mean this kid was covered. So for two days he got some Benadryl to help it go away and not itch. Well the second evening we were headed to the store. The boys were begging for candy before we went. Mom asked me if they could have a peppermint patty. Now, in the back of my head I knew they have an egg in them. However, we had been eating the new peppermint pieces at home right before we left for vacation. So out of my mouth comes sure give them one. Luckily she had the miniature ones, not the full size. As I’m strapping Gage in his car seat he’s coughing and starting to sound a little funny. It smacked me in the face. OMG, um mom we better go back up to the house.

By the time we are back up to the house Gage is non-stop coughing and almost lost his voice. He realizes he doesn’t sound right and keeps asking why. I call Nathan asking his opinion on the steps to take. (Nathan has done this his entire life for himself) Gage is’s not visibly swelling but I can tell his throat is. Nathan says give him Benadryl and an albuterol breathing treatment.¬† I do both. While mom is holding him doing his breathing I’m on the phone with my quick tech brother who is finding us an ER incase I must use the epi pen. We quickly learned we would have to make a decision quick because there’s not a hospital near and would need to call an ambulance. His breathing treatment ends and he sounds back to normal. The coughing had stopped too. We watched him like a hawk the next few hours and wouldn’t allow him to go to sleep. Everything turned out just fine.

Sure the normal parent would have called 911 and stabbed their kid with the epi pen. Until you’re in my shoes don’t judge me. We’re pretty sure the dose of Benadryl he had gotten at dinner time for his rash is what saved him. That was definitely the scariest thing for me to happen to one of them, so far. We did learn that Gage is still very allergic to eggs and probably won’t be adding those back to his diet ever!

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