With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Things are looking up!

Since all three getting scope the beginning of Dec things are looking up!

Charlie: His biopsy came back a ZERO! Charlie got to add chicken, turkey and onion back in his diet.

Gage: He looked a little swollen but his biopsy came back a ZERO! Gage gets to add back a new food once a week starting with the least allergic. We’ll stop at the higher positive ones.

Both boys also reduced their meds to once a day at bedtime.

Nathan: He looked about 30%-40% better. His biopsy numbers dropped from 50-55 to 30 and 40. He hasn’t been taking his meds like he should and he sneaks in some foods he shouldn’t have. We’re happy with the improvement. He can swallow a tiny pill now with out chewing it up. It’s hard not to sneak in foods when you’re allergic to so many. He is going to try harder this next 6 months so he can see how good it feels to be normal! He said he feels normal now but he has ways to go to understand how “real” normal feels.

I am so grateful for our wonderful doctors and not making us suffer through a total elimination diet. They have definitely made dealing with this disease livable. It is still very hard at times to tell my kids they can’t have something specific to eat but it sure beats handing them a liquid drink and saying here’s dinner!

We’re even to the point that we can eat at Wendy’s! (with careful ordering) First time we’ve eaten out in the last 6 months.

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