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Pork, Hold the Fruit

We eat pork usually every night of the week. (I have always hated pork) This is the only meat aside from lobster, crab and shrimp that Nathan isn’t allergic to. Who can afford shellfish every night of the week? (Oprah – can you hook us up?) My latest “help” is to check out cookbooks from the library and just go through them page by page to find recipes.

When making many different pork dishes a few repeating ingredients are pineapple, apples, and oranges. I have actually started yelling at the cookbooks. Nathan is allergic to all fruit. This has become a never-ending battle for me. I can feel the tears start to well up every time I see “add one cup apple juice” or “add one can crushed pineapple”. There’s no getting around it. I know it’s not really about me, it’s about finding safe things for my husband to eat. However, this love affair between fruit and pork is really starting to upset me.

Dear Pork and Fruit,

Next time I see the two of you together I will throw my beer at you! 



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Food Allergies Don’t Get Us Down

It’s fall! Halloween! TIME FOR PUMPKINS! Oh, wait, we’re allergic to pumpkins. What do we do?? We carry on as if nothing is wrong. How can you go through a holiday like Halloween and not let your kids get a pumpkin? Charlie is the only one allergic to pumpkins. He actually has a contact reaction to the pumpkin guts. But that doesn’t stop us. We picked out some great pumpkins this year!

When heading to the pumpkin patch we know there’s going to be a hay-ride, corn maze and lots of other itchy outdoor irritants. Both boys get their daily allergy medicine. I pack the Benadryl just in case. Right before the  hay-ride Charlie gets a shot of his inhaler. We are always a little stuffy and itchy when we get done but it never seems to bother them. They never complain because the fun totally overrides the allergy reactions. I would never want my kids to miss out. If it got to the point that they are miserable then we wouldn’t do it. 

Pumpkins home, it’s time to make jack-o-lanters. This is daddy’s job. The boys always like to help get the guts out. This year we just taped plastic bags on Charlie’s hands and he was able to do his job. Of course Gage wouldn’t touch the guts so he wanted bags on his hands too.

Daddy did an awesome job this year.

Cheers to Charlie for getting to be part of the pumpkin process.

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Charlie the Man

Charlie has recently turned into a man. The easiest way to turn into a man is wear blue jeans, a button down red plaid shirt, boxers and a tie. If you’re feeling really manly add daddy’s boots and his ball cap. The tie can really turn any outfit into a mans outfit. We don’t know where this idea popped into his head from but it’s been really cute to watch. Tie’s apparently go with anything and everything, even Halloween costumes. We even wear them everywhere with out the slightest bit of embarrassment.

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Things are looking up

Although we still have a long road ahead of us, right now things are great. Gage has been eating wheat and corn for a month now and no problems at all! He’s also ditched his crib, diapers and bottle!  He’s like a little man now. (sniff sniff) I knew that when he was asking for a bottle of warm milk it was time to give it up. I let him have it for so long after turning one so that he would get extra calories he needed. Knowing he always finished his bottle it was a win win for both of us.

We’ve had his toddler bed set up in his room for quite sometime but he’s been afraid of it. I think he’s going to be a gentle giant when he grows up. Finally one night I said let’s try the big boy bed again. He slept in it all night with no problems. Next day, crib came down. The great thing about it is he won’t get out of the bed unless I’m in the room. That includes during the day too. With Charlie we would always have to sit there until he fell asleep because he would never stay in it.

The potty training was super simple too. He’s not even 2-1/2 yet! First week we went right into underwear. He had 3 accidents and that was it. He’s even staying dry at night and during nap. He may be the easiest kid yet.

He recently had his first pop tart. It was like baby crack. Have to be careful though some pop tart flavors do contain egg. I’m still learning!

So let’s cheers to Gage for a great month!

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