With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube


I’m sitting in a waiting room waiting for mu husbands scope to get done. We knew he had EE in the back of our minds but didn’t think he would actually have to get scoped and tested. He’s lived his whole life with a few food allrgies. Recently his throat has tightened up. He first went to the allergist and did a complete panel of tests. Even the allrgist was amazed at how much he’s allrgic to. There are 39 foods he tested positive to. About 10 of them were on the low positive side. So now we wait to see how bad the damage is in there.
To deal with two small boys and worry about thier diet all day is one thing. I now will have to empty the house of more food and worry about my husbands health as well.

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so sorry little blog

I’ve neglected you. My life as I knew it went out the window. I now consider myself a specialty chef. All I seem to get done anymore is trying to cook for the boys. As soon as one meal is over it’s onto planning for the next one. As if that wasn’t enough, my husband is going in for a scope as well. What am I going to do! I’m really trying to manage my time better.

I’ve not given up on you little blog.

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