With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Sorry, It’s been a while

We’ve been crazy busy and my head is spinning with the boys problems. I’ll be back a.s.a.p. I promise!

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Great big day! (gross picture)

We started the day headed to a friend’s house. My husband, my mom, Charlie, Gage, my nephews and myself. It was one of the best days ever. The first few hours we fished and took rides on the paddle boat. My nephew caught 5 fish!

Then I realized I hadn’t packed a single diaper. I had packed snacks and any medication the boys might need but no diapers. Next came rides on terrain vehicles and tractors. Then I was challenged to shoot a bow. GAME ON!  I’ve never actually shot one but was pretty sure I could do it. So we’re all taking turns then my nephew shoots. Finger in the wrong spot, feather fletching lodged in his index finger. Poor guy is only 8 and it hurt. We couldn’t pull it out so off to the ER we went. I drove and my mom came along. I left the other three boys with Nathan and his buddy. I called and told Nathan to just take Gage’s diaper off and let him run naked. We weren’t at the ER for an hour and I get a text picture. I haven’t laughed so hard in forever. Little guy had to go so he went! So gross. Then I get a phone call. They had gone inside with the dog. Turns out Charlie is allergic to dogs despite what the tests said. Charlie’s eye swelled right up and he was coughing. So Nathan gives him Benadryl that he had in his pocket. Cracked it open and dumped it in some root beer. Well recently Charlie has been having reactions to everything and root beer is one of them. Nathan didn’t know and it wasn’t his fault. Poor Charlie another allergen with an adult dose of Benadryl. By the time we got back to the house everyone was exhausted, smelled like fish and we were all sunburnt. Not bad, just a warm pink. Charlie looked like he had been in a boxing match. I had stopped and bought Gage some diapers on the way back and we bought them all something they could eat. Charlie passed out on the way home and slept a good 13 hours.

Despite the ER trip, allergy attack and poop accident it was one of the most fun days we’ve had in a while!

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Swollen eye

Charlie has been getting a swollen eye. He’ll eat or drink something, start coughing then his eye swells. It’s been happening almost everyday. We’re thinking its a dye, possibly red #40. Seems to be the only thing that has been in common when it happens.

Today my nephews came over. They had some Gatorade so we let Charlie try some. Might be a good drink for him this summer. He chugged down half a glass and thought it was great. A few minutes later he was coughing. He came into the kitchen and asked me for a wash cloth for his eye. He left the room and came back. “Mom, I think my eye is swollen” He pulls down the wash cloth and sure enough it was all puffy. Now how can Gatorade puff his eye up like that?! Last time it was gummy bears. There has to be another reason.

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Every have that numb feeling where you’re just hoping to wake up? I felt that way all day. Knowing it was going to be the first real day of strict elimination diets. I had no menu planned and quite honestly I think I felt a little scared.

I learned at breakfast it’s going to take some work to find some foods to eat. We’re down to yogurt, fruit and sausage or bacon. I can make pancakes and muffins for Charlie. However, how do I make him something that yummy and not have something to match for Gage? Something to work on.

Lunch went over pretty well. Fruits, meat and cheese. Snacks are hard again. I have nothing crunchy for Gage. No crackers, cookies, nothing.

Dinner they both had some veggies and meat. Dessert was anything I could find sweet that they could eat. I figured they deserved it!

My kids aren’t big meal eaters and prefer small snacks all day. So that’s something that will have to change. I felt like I was constantly trying to find them something to eat. Most of the day was dairy and fruit. Which isn’t bad for one day but they can’t eat like that day after day.

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News From a Nurse

Spoke to the nurse today. Who I’ve started to hate because she only ever has bad news. I also hate the grocery store now but that’s a whole other story. Anyways, the boys are to go on strict diets and not have anything they’ve shown a positive food reaction to. (See why I hate the grocery?)  So the lists I’ve mentioned before are now in play.

Game on food allergies. I will win!

We’ll scope Charlie in 6 months in hopes his will be clear and gone. We’ll scope Gage in another three since his numbers went up.

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Toys for Baby

Playing blocks today with Charlie he informs me that we shouldn’t get rid of any of his toys. I asked him why. Not sure why I did that. He responds “because one day God is going to put another baby in your tummy and the baby will need them.”

The boy is getting crazy about me and another baby. I would love to have one or two more. Not at this point in our lives though. Does Charlie sense how much I want one right now? Does he have ESP? 

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Perfect 10 Dinner

I have to come up with new dinner ideas, I just have to. So tonight the boys had a few new items. We did a typical grilled chop. They chose ketchup or BBQ for dipping. For side items I made a from scratch cream of spinach topped with parmesan cheese. Followed with sliced mango and a cream cheese and cool whip dip.

They loved it all! Score one for mommy!

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EE x 2 = one stressed out mommy

Got the biopsy reports back. Not good news. I now have two boys with eosinophilic esophagitis.

Gage’s numbers went up and Charlie’s are higher than Gage’s! I don’t know how this is since they looked so great inside. I don’t know if Gage’s number is higher because we’ve been feeding him rice. Even though we were told to keep feeding him rice while showing a positive reaction to it. Do we take Charlie off all foods that were positive now even though he doesn’t show any reactions? This of course means another trip to the doctor’s office.

MOMMY NEEDS A SIX PACK TONIGHT! or maybe a bottle of wine.

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MMM Ribs

My husband is quite the grill pro. We had some wonderful pork ribs for Memorial Day. We’ve never offered the boys any because we didn’t think they would eat them. Last night Charlie took note that we were all eating ribs and that we were chewing on a bone. That right there said T-Rex to him. So he wanted to try one out. With Charlie chewing on a bone Gage just knew he would have to partake in the ribs as well. They both ate a rib! That’s a huge step to having one more meat they’ll eat.  YEAH RIBS! I should say “Yeah, we can pretend we’re a T-Rex!”.

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