With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Strawberry Season

Took a little family trip and picked strawberries this weekend.

 The boys each took a bucket. Gage had a great time picking and picking to fill up his bucket. He really didn’t know what color to pick but he sure did enjoy himself. He also helped himself to quite a few berries, and dirt.

Charlie was on a mission to find bugs. Which he did. He was also very concerned with how we were doing. Constantly running back and forth cheering us on at the sight of how many we had picked so far.

Nathan and I picked 18 lbs together! I wasn’t thinking about cleaning them and hulling them while I was eagerly picking. After many trays of flash freezing, a couple batches of strawberry jam and some homemade strawberry ice cream I think we’re set on strawberries for a while.

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Found the Positive Side

So knowing we wouldn’t be able to always remember all their allergies until we get use to Charlie’s new list, I posted them on the cabinet door. Then it hit me. Why do we have to have the bad stuff posted for us to look at all the time? I then pulled out another sheet of paper and started making a list of can eat foods. I realized this will help me more in a pinch when they want a snack “NOW” or if I need to grab something for them in a hurry out the door. So now there is a list of things they both can eat and separate lists for each of them where they’re foods differ. We’re just going to keep adding to that list as we get this figured out.

Makes it seem not so bad when you can physically see what is still available.

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Just Leave Mom

So while Charlie is ranting about kicking some bad guys butt I hear him say

Charlie: Then I’m going to kick him in the balls and then in the head and his brains will fall out.

I’m in shock. I thought I knew what he was watching on TV and he’s not around any kids to pick that up from.

Me: Charlie, Mommy doesn’t like to hear you talk like that.

Charlie: Okay Mom. Next time I’m going to say that just walk away and leave. Then you can’t hear me say those things.

Makes sense!

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Another Gage Flare Up

So being off corn for 3 weeks Gage flared up again. Face, butt and diarrhea. Poor guy. What could it be this time? We’re thinking oats or rice. Both have a very low positive. So he’ll come off rice and oats until he gets cleared up then we’ll reintroduce them and see what happens.

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