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Just Another Day Mothers

So Mothers Day is wonderful that our families acknowledge us and what we do for them. However, when Mother’s Day rolls around, honestly it’s the same routine. I’m a mom, I wake up, do mom stuff and go to bed tired.

This Mother’s Day was no different. I loved how many times Charlie told me Happy Mothers Day, on his own. I loved that Gage tried to mimic him a few times. No one got in big trouble and Gage didn’t have any food attacks. We played in the yard and had a great dinner. It couldn’t have been any better.

Cheers to me.

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Mrs. Flinstone

During breakfast Charlie is studying the box of Fruity Pebbles

Charlie: Mom?

Me: What Charlie?

Charlie: Are you as beautiful as she is?(Pointing to Wilma)

Me: What do you think?

Charlie: Oh yes!

Do I take that as a compliment?

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Mashed What?

So while making Charlie’s lunch I usually try to make Gage’s look the same. Colors are usually how he knows he’s not getting the same thing. It hit me the other day, mashed cauliflower!  I went to it. I did the cream cheese version. Gage hasn’t had cauliflower much so I wanted it to taste extra yummy. As you can see it’s hard to tell which plate is potatoes and which is cauliflower. He liked it ok for the first few bites. Then he was done. He would eat it raw when I offered it but he was done with the mashed version. Strange. I was excited I had thought of it. We’ll try it again soon.

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Fried Chicken – The Gage Way

If you’re looking for a fried chicken recipe that’s allergy friendly here it is!

My husband, who is allergic to chicken, created this just for Gage. Poor guy has no idea what chicken tastes like but he’s a wonderfully creative chef. Not an actual chef, but could be if he wanted.

He used a chicken tenderloin. Heat up some safe butter in the skillet. Soak your chicken in milk. Place some rice flour and tapioca flour in a baggie. Once the butter is hot plop the chicken in the baggie to coat it. Quickly place it in the butter. Fry it on both sides until the butter is gone. Add a little salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Both Gage and Charlie gobbled it up! Sure it’s not healthy but probably the most fatty meal Gage gets. He can’t eat junk food so I doubt this could hurt much.

Here’s a beer for you honey for some yummy fried chicken (you can’t even eat)     And, had to leave the kitchen after cooking it because it was making your allergies flare up. CHEERS!

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Negative Corn

Blood results in and Dr says corn is negative. Rice is still a low 1.2 and oats is a 1. With both of those numbers being low and I’ve never seen a reaction we keep him on them. I argued about the corn and the Dr said we can do a test in office to see how he reacts to corn. He doesn’t want me to take him off corn because there isn’t a lot left with out it. I already know this. Dr says feed him corn, I will feed him corn.

So today at lunch I pull out a jar of baby food that is a safe veggie blend for him with corn. It’s all organic too. An hour later, diarrhea. Three hours later his bottom is starting to get inflamed again. I also gave him a popsicle (corn syrup) and his face flared up some more. It hasn’t gone away since this new stuff popped up. So Dr. still don’t think it can’t be corn. *gasp* I guess I have some anger. I told my husband tonight that I knew when Gage was allergic to soy and the Dr doubted me. BOOM big time allergic. I’m pretty sure I’m right this time too.

Not the most flattering picture of him but you can see how’s he broke out. It’s not eczema. It starts out as little dots, like on his forehead. Around his mouth the dots are becoming more dense in certain areas. I was told they are more environmental. He really doesn’t have any environmental allergies. Two came back positive: Russian Thistle and (get this) COCKROACHES! Who in the world is allergic to cockroaches? 

Hopefully the GI Dr can give me some more insight as to what’s going on. I’m very nervous now about rice and oats because who knows what’s going to make his throat swell more.

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More Babies Please

While building a house out of trio blocks for Charlie he says “Mom I want a bigger family” I asked “You want me to have more babies?” 

He pauses “Dear God, Please put more babies in my moms tummy. Please God” 

Great, just what I need. Beer me!

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