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I Hate Dinner, Even More

Dinner, make that all meals, are getting harder for Gage. Seems that no matter how careful we are there’s something in every meal now that is bothering him in some way. Two nights ago we grilled out. BBQ pork chops – he’s had a hundred times. Grilled veggies with marinade he’s had before. He starts eating then starts itching and coughing. So we clean him off and give him Benadryl to be safe. He’s ok and the hives fade by bedtime. We put him to bed and he starts coughing. I go check on him and it sounds junky so we get him up and keep an eye on him for a half hour. He was ok the next morning.

Last night we made pizza. We used his own special crust, sauce and block mozz. because shredded cheeses have stuff like corn syrup and potato starch that he can’t have. He gobbled down half his pizza and got a huge hive on his cheek. So again we wiped him off and gave him Benadryl to be safe. Who knows what it could have been.

It’s getting harder and harder to feed the poor boy. How many meals a day can he just eat baby food green beans, squash and pears? 

I think we need to take more action to get him figured out.

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Just Kidding

Charlie loves to use the phrase “Oh, I just kidding you”

I think I’ll keep a running post

Charlie @ 8a.m. : Dad can I have cotton candy?

Dad: Charlie you haven’t even had breakfast

Charlie: Oh, I just kidding you

That was just the first one for the day, check back for more!

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