With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube


So as if my day hasn’t been stressful enough I  learn the toy room has ants. I took Charlie out his bucket of dinosaurs to play with in his pool. “MOM! THERE’S ANTS IN MY BUCKET!” I asked how many and he said a hundred. He’s 4, so I’m guessing about 10. I run to the toy room and there, everywhere, are the little tiny black ants.  

Cleared out all the toys.

No food anywhere.

I think they just came in to BUG ME!

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True Love

Scene: Charlie playing in mud hole, I’m laying out in the sun. (needed a mom break)
Charlie comes over to where I’m laying.

Charlie: Mom, do you know why I love you?
Me: No, why Charlie?
Charlie: Because your my mom.(Very matter of fact like) AND! Because your beautiful.
Me: aw thank you Charlie.

How do they always know just the right thing to say.

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Amish Allergies

So I grew up in a small village with lots of Amish surrounding us. I’m talking, no electric, horse buggies, strict Amish. I had a thought the other day. The Amish grow up farming, always outside, around animals, hay, all the pollen, do they have allergies? Then I wondered, do they have food allergies?  I’m so curious about this. If they don’t, what in the world are we doing different?

My mom is going to ask a local Amish lady what she knows of allergies.

I know of a lady in Italy that was just sort of “diagnosed” with EE and they don’t know enough about it to help her. So is EE only mainly in the United States? What is going on?!  I’ve been told and have read that they’re thinking we are getting more allergies because of immunity shots. Our body has nothing to fight against so it’s creating these allergies. Dagg-on-it. I want my kids healthy and believe in vaccines but these food allergies are really getting us down.

So Amish – what’s your secret? No shots right? Are vaccines common in other countries? I know they are trying to link autism to vaccines but I’m really wondering if vaccines are the cause of rising allergies.

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Blue Slush

So on the way home from the allergists we went through a drive through. Charlie wanted a blue slush. DING! So I asked if there was corn syrup in the slush. yes. 😦 So I told Charlie he couldn’t drink it until we got home. He was fine with that. We get home and mommy goes to work! We had some Gage friendly lemonade mixed up. I threw that in the smoothie machine with some ice and blue food coloring! YEAH a slush for Gage. He never knew the difference and Charlie thought it was cool Gage got to drink one with him.

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Blood test

We did a blood test on Gage today testing for : corn, rice, chocolate, oats, chicken and all environmental elements.

He tested negative on the skin prick test for all these back in Dec. Except the environmental, we’ve never tested on that stuff. So hopefully the blood test will give us some clue as to what’s going on with him. We are not going to give him corn until we get the results. We’ll keep rice in the diet. It actually tested positive back in December but we’ve never seen a reaction to it. Next week we’ll have the results.

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Getting tested today, again

It’s going to be a long day at the allergists office………

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