With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

No more instant potatoes!

For dinner last night we had these little BBQ beef cups, instant mashed potatoes and baked beans. I used deer instead of beef because we have a stock pile of deer. Plus, Gage can eat deer, I think. the cups were a deer, bbq sauce, red and green pepper mixture baked over little biscuits. I didn’t cook Gage’s over the biscuit since he can’t eat it. He also can’t eat the potatoes or beans so he had corn. Charlie had the potatoes, biscuit and corn. He can’t have the beans either due to the mustard in them. So everyone has their plate. My husband is strangely wondering what the heck these little things are. The boys are gobbling them down! This is a rarity in my house. So he sits down at the table, starts eating and says “No more instant potatoes”. Now, he said it in a joking manner but he was serious. I don’t respond and keep eating. Gage is chowing down on the deerf mixture then moves onto his corn. After a while he stops eating and starts chewing then spitting food out. That is usually the sign to move onto baby food. So I get out a few jars and start feeding it to him. He then starts scratching his face like a crazy man. I grab a wet wash cloth and wipe him down. Angry, that this happens, I comment what could it be? I then hear “Quit feeding him deer! It’s similar enough to beef. He’s probably allergic to it too.” Frustrated as all get out at this point. I argue the allergists said to feed it to him because it’s not the same protein as beef. He argues about chicken and turkey not being the same but how he can’ eat either one……..

After this dinner mommy needed a beer. Too bad we didn’t have any.

I’m trying really hard to make Gage’s meals similar to ours, basically making two dinners. I’m so limited on what I can make. Without chicken there just aren’t as many options. Now, I’m also cooking healthy heart type meals since we have some cholesterol issues.

See where this blog is going yet?!

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  1. you dont have to be allergic to tomatoes, to re-trigger a hive outbreak when you eat them. When you are in the middle of a hive outbreak and eat pizza, bbq sauce, ketchup…sandwich meat, eggs, hot sauce- the list goes on, it will worsen the hives or make you outbreak all over again. you meed to stay away from certain foods for awhile, and then you will be able to eat them again. My husband suffers from hives, so I have to be really careful to give him only fresh meat and vegetables, during an outbreak.


    Comment by boncie | November 3, 2012 | Reply

    • That sort of sounds like an oral allergy. When environmental things are bothering you it triggers certain foods to give you problems.


      Comment by livingtheallergylife | November 6, 2012 | Reply

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