With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Kabobs for everyone!

This morning I put some tomatoes, asparagus, beef and chicken (all in separate baggies) in marinade. It was a Sicilian balsamic vinaigrette. I left it alone and didn’t think about dinner until dinner time.

This afternoon I did make a special dessert that I’m so pumped about! They’re called watermelon pops. However, there’s no watermelon in them. (Charlie’s allergic to watermelon) They just look like watermelon on a stick. It’s a strawberry jello mixture with mini chocolate chips on the top. Then a cream cheese – cool whip mixture followed by a lime jello mixture on the bottom. The recipe is on the Kraft website. Mine don’t look quite as pretty as theirs do. I just used what cups I had on hand.

So my husband comes home, we do some yard work and play then he lights the grill. I gave the boys a bath while he cooked everything. He did up some perogies as well. He is a meat and potatoes man! Gage and Charlie had chicken and veggies while the two of us had the beef. They boys dug in and chowed. I’m almost so excited I can’t stand it. Two nights in a row they’re actually eating. My husband then asks what kind of meat he’s eating. I reply beef, not deer. He says “Oh, what cut?” I’m thinking oh shit it’s tough or gross. So I played dumb “I’m not sure, why?” Husband” It’s so tender and good.” *cheerleader move* YES! Dinner is an actual hit! Charlie then notices we have perogies on our plate and he wants one. So I hand him one of mine with some sour cream. He scarfs it down and asks for more. Gage at this time has his own sour cream and is trying out everything on his plate dipped in it. Charlie finishes almost everything plus another perogie and Gage ate two servings of chicken and a few mushrooms.


Next came dessert. They were silent as they scarfed down their “watermelon pop” The best thing about these little treats is they’re frozen like a popsicle but don’t melt and make a huge mess. They were a great ending to a great meal!

I can actually say I haven’t felt this happy after a meal since Gage was diagnosed with EE.

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