With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

His poor bottom

Yesterday Gage got ahold of Charlie’s granola bar. Snatched by daddy after two bites, his poor butt was paying the price by early evening. Looked like one giant red raised rash. It was itching him so bad he dug a scratch and made it bleed. He’s just now really starting to notice that he’s not always eating what we’re eating and he wants to taste ours. He had his own bar to eat but no way as tasty as a chocolate chip granola bar. It’s really heart breaking to tell him no. We know he can’t possibly understand his food allergies yet so how do you explain to an almost 2-year-old he can’t have something? I do limit what I give Charlie in front of Gage. I save special things for Charlie when nap time rolls around for Gage. Charlie totally understands why Gage can’t have things. As of now Charlie’s allergic to all nuts, melon and pumpkin. He’s recently shown reactions to egg and mustard though. Egg as in hard-boiled, not in baked goods. Charlie is going in for a full panel test in a few weeks. I’m so fearful of the outcome.

Back to the topic – I use a cortisone cream and special zinc cream his dr prescribed. What are some other things moms are using for these break outs? I guess I should just be thankful he didn’t have more of a reaction to the granola bar.

For those wondering the bar Gage was eating was an Enjoy Life nut and gluten free caramel apple snack bar.

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