With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

No name calling

Charlie attends a speech class once a week. The previous week he called the teacher a name. Not a mean one but he knows it’s not nice to call names. He called her a peanut head. One of his favorites. He LOVES his speech teacher and has told her that.

So while getting ready to go we had a little conversation about name calling

Me: Charlie, no calling Miss Jane names today

Charlie: Oh yes I will

Me: *interrupting* Charlie we’ve talked about calling names it’s not nice

Charlie: But MOM (I stop to see what he has to say) I will call her one, Miss Jane.

Really? How does he come up with things like that so quick!?

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Hair there

When Charlie was almost two my brother bought him a t-shirt that said

” I don’t have a short attention span I just.. Oh look a chicken!” (love the face)

Charlie doesn’t have ADD or anything he’s just a busy boy, his mind is always ticking and he’s interested in learning about everything. He actually has a fantastic attention span. He once played with play dough for 7 hours. Breaking only to eat and use the bathroom.

SO, while talking to his G-ma on the phone wishing her a happy birthday he all the sudden changes topic –

Charlie: end of Happy Birthday to you. Hey G-ma when I get big I’m going to have hair in my armpits.

How does one go from singing happy birthday to armpit hair is beyond me.

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These old bones

While cleaning up toys and picking up in general I asked Charlie to help me.

Me: Charlie can you please help me with this.

Charlie: I can’t help you mom. My bones hurt, see (he says this while pretending he can’t lift himself off the floor)

Me: thanks Charlie

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A little Gage introduction

Gage is my latest creation.  I would best describe him now as shy, strong, loving, mellow and a great dancer.

He started with his food allergy issues before we even realized what was going on. Around 8-9 months when I started some table foods he would choke and puke everyday. I mentioned it to the pediatrician and we wrote it off as a sensitive gag reflux. A few months went by and he was still vomiting. But now it would be 15 – 30 minutes after a meal. He would also become horse. Knowing what I know now, we’re so lucky he never had an anaphylactic episode. My husbands food allergies are so severe that he instantly becomes covered in hives and basically has an anaphylactic episode if he eats the tiniest food allergen. So we didn’t really think of what was happening to Gage as being food allergies. Charlie had a few when he was little but he would get hives. So again I mention it to the pediatrician and he says we’ll watch him and we may have to check a valve or something. Well I was keeping an eye on the foods he was puking up and it seemed to be cheeses and things with egg. So I made the dreaded allergist appointment. This was in the fall of 2009. We didn’t do a full panel on Gage because I thought I could tell what it was and we did a few other highly known allergies. POSITIVE! I didn’t cry because at that point it was only egg, nuts, peas, all fish and wheat. No biggie I can handle that. Actually peas were negative but I had seen him get a few hives while eating them. We did a control test and he broke out in hives eating only 1/3 of a pea. So no peas. His wheat count was low so he was still getting that in small doses.

A few months later he had a horrible reaction at dinner and he didn’t have anything in the meal that had shown a positive reaction so back we went. I insisted it was soy, the allergist questioned it but tested it anyways  – BINGO! What is it they always say? A mom knows hers kids best or something like that. So we added soy to the list.

Another month went by and he started getting hives after more meals. So back to the allergist, this time we did a full panel. I actually laughed when the allergist told me all the positives. I guess that was how I kept myself from crying; egg, peas, soy, wheat, fish, all nuts, beef, all potatoes, rice, celery, mustard and sesame. What is this kid going to eat.

I can honestly say at this point I have no longer enjoyed grocery shopping. Those first few trips I went alone trying to find anything for him to eat. I do need to mention we kept him on rice because it was low and he had never shown a reaction. Still to this day I find myself almost in tears looking at certain kid foods feeling bad that he can’t eat it. I then struggle because his brother can, so do I buy it and sneak it to him? Should he miss out too? It’s these sort of thoughts and things that bother me the most. Gage is actually fine and doesn’t know any different. He’s healthy and huge – always been on the 75% for his growth.

After his last allergist appointment he mentioned EE to me and said let’s get him tested for it, it’s something that can be treated with medicine. Oh well that sounds great! Let’s do it. I hate the thought of him on meds all the time but if it helps him eat let’s check it out!  BUZZ WRONG ANSWER  I went home and did a little google search. Not really what I was expecting. Made the GI appointment and made my list of questions.

At the GI appointment she walked in, we spoke a little, she looked at Gage and said “He really doesn’t look like he has EE. However, he does have a lot of strange food allergies. We can scope him now or we might be scoping him down the road when he comes in with something stuck in his throat.” She was really positive that he didn’t have it. My husband and I decided let’s go ahead and scope him now because we’re going to have to do it at some point anyways. We had Gage scoped the end of January this year. Sure enough his little esophagus was so swollen the Dr was surprised he could even swallow food.

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