With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Pox or Hives

Over the past few days Gage has developed some dots on his head, face, behind his ears, under his chin… At first I thought they were hives. They looked like hives. Thing is though they don’t go away. This is about day 4 that I’ve noticed them. I called his allergist yesterday and they said “keep an eye on him (duh) and give him Benadryl” So that’s what I’m doing. Then last night I noticed the two behind his ears looked like they had fluid in them and thought oh no chicken pox! He had the shot so I didn’t know how he would still get it. This morning he only had one more, on the top of his head and still has the others. No more fluid in the ones behind his ears though. I’ve never had it happen where the hives stick around for a while. What is going on!

To be continued………

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My voice

Charlie has been a loud non-stop talker since around 2. Very quiet baby, very soft cry. Actually made a Gee sound when he cried. Very funny. Anyways, we have no idea where he gets his loudness from. We’re both quiet and NOT loud talkers.

This morning Charlie is talking so loud about nothing.

Me: Charlie please talk a little quieter. You’re so loud.

Charlie: Ma I can’t. This is just my voice. It’s different.

We have talked about people being different and how not to point things out. I just got my mommy wisdom shoved back in my face.

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Kabobs for everyone!

This morning I put some tomatoes, asparagus, beef and chicken (all in separate baggies) in marinade. It was a Sicilian balsamic vinaigrette. I left it alone and didn’t think about dinner until dinner time.

This afternoon I did make a special dessert that I’m so pumped about! They’re called watermelon pops. However, there’s no watermelon in them. (Charlie’s allergic to watermelon) They just look like watermelon on a stick. It’s a strawberry jello mixture with mini chocolate chips on the top. Then a cream cheese – cool whip mixture followed by a lime jello mixture on the bottom. The recipe is on the Kraft website. Mine don’t look quite as pretty as theirs do. I just used what cups I had on hand.

So my husband comes home, we do some yard work and play then he lights the grill. I gave the boys a bath while he cooked everything. He did up some perogies as well. He is a meat and potatoes man! Gage and Charlie had chicken and veggies while the two of us had the beef. They boys dug in and chowed. I’m almost so excited I can’t stand it. Two nights in a row they’re actually eating. My husband then asks what kind of meat he’s eating. I reply beef, not deer. He says “Oh, what cut?” I’m thinking oh shit it’s tough or gross. So I played dumb “I’m not sure, why?” Husband” It’s so tender and good.” *cheerleader move* YES! Dinner is an actual hit! Charlie then notices we have perogies on our plate and he wants one. So I hand him one of mine with some sour cream. He scarfs it down and asks for more. Gage at this time has his own sour cream and is trying out everything on his plate dipped in it. Charlie finishes almost everything plus another perogie and Gage ate two servings of chicken and a few mushrooms.


Next came dessert. They were silent as they scarfed down their “watermelon pop” The best thing about these little treats is they’re frozen like a popsicle but don’t melt and make a huge mess. They were a great ending to a great meal!

I can actually say I haven’t felt this happy after a meal since Gage was diagnosed with EE.

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No more instant potatoes!

For dinner last night we had these little BBQ beef cups, instant mashed potatoes and baked beans. I used deer instead of beef because we have a stock pile of deer. Plus, Gage can eat deer, I think. the cups were a deer, bbq sauce, red and green pepper mixture baked over little biscuits. I didn’t cook Gage’s over the biscuit since he can’t eat it. He also can’t eat the potatoes or beans so he had corn. Charlie had the potatoes, biscuit and corn. He can’t have the beans either due to the mustard in them. So everyone has their plate. My husband is strangely wondering what the heck these little things are. The boys are gobbling them down! This is a rarity in my house. So he sits down at the table, starts eating and says “No more instant potatoes”. Now, he said it in a joking manner but he was serious. I don’t respond and keep eating. Gage is chowing down on the deerf mixture then moves onto his corn. After a while he stops eating and starts chewing then spitting food out. That is usually the sign to move onto baby food. So I get out a few jars and start feeding it to him. He then starts scratching his face like a crazy man. I grab a wet wash cloth and wipe him down. Angry, that this happens, I comment what could it be? I then hear “Quit feeding him deer! It’s similar enough to beef. He’s probably allergic to it too.” Frustrated as all get out at this point. I argue the allergists said to feed it to him because it’s not the same protein as beef. He argues about chicken and turkey not being the same but how he can’ eat either one……..

After this dinner mommy needed a beer. Too bad we didn’t have any.

I’m trying really hard to make Gage’s meals similar to ours, basically making two dinners. I’m so limited on what I can make. Without chicken there just aren’t as many options. Now, I’m also cooking healthy heart type meals since we have some cholesterol issues.

See where this blog is going yet?!

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That song in your head

While mowing the yard tonight I turn the corner to the front yard and what pops in my head


Why is that? Why do strange songs pop in our heads. I haven’t heard that one in forever on the radio. Just a few minutes ago as I was working on my blog another one popped in my head

I Say a Little Prayer

I guess it’s better than the wonder pets theme…..

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Beautiful Donkey Trees

We took a trip to Florida a few months ago. When we left the airport in our rental Charlie kept saying “Hey look at those donkey trees!” Like I said, he takes a speech class. My husband and I were really struggling trying to figure out what he was saying. We said yes they’re palm trees or tropical trees. Charlie was getting more and more frustrated repeating donkey. Then it hit me, he had never seen real trees like this – “Charlie are you saying FUNKY!”   “Yes Ma, look at all the donkey trees!”  We held our laughter in.

Recently in Southern Indiana everything was blooming. We were riding in the car one morning and Charlie took notice. I hear him in the back seat talking

Charlie: Wow, look at all the beautiful trees Gage. It’s like we’re in a jungle. Oh look there’s some with flowers. Hey Ma

Me: What Charlie?

Charlie: Did you see all the beautiful donkey trees?

I chuckled silently to myself. I sort of hope *donkey* sticks around a long time.

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His poor bottom

Yesterday Gage got ahold of Charlie’s granola bar. Snatched by daddy after two bites, his poor butt was paying the price by early evening. Looked like one giant red raised rash. It was itching him so bad he dug a scratch and made it bleed. He’s just now really starting to notice that he’s not always eating what we’re eating and he wants to taste ours. He had his own bar to eat but no way as tasty as a chocolate chip granola bar. It’s really heart breaking to tell him no. We know he can’t possibly understand his food allergies yet so how do you explain to an almost 2-year-old he can’t have something? I do limit what I give Charlie in front of Gage. I save special things for Charlie when nap time rolls around for Gage. Charlie totally understands why Gage can’t have things. As of now Charlie’s allergic to all nuts, melon and pumpkin. He’s recently shown reactions to egg and mustard though. Egg as in hard-boiled, not in baked goods. Charlie is going in for a full panel test in a few weeks. I’m so fearful of the outcome.

Back to the topic – I use a cortisone cream and special zinc cream his dr prescribed. What are some other things moms are using for these break outs? I guess I should just be thankful he didn’t have more of a reaction to the granola bar.

For those wondering the bar Gage was eating was an Enjoy Life nut and gluten free caramel apple snack bar.

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Hello world!

Here’s goes nothing! Thinking about something and actually doing it makes all the difference in the world. Actually finding the time to do something as a mom IS fantastic.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for sometime now and here it is!

Sometimes mommy needs a beer  – you’ll soon find out why.

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No name calling

Charlie attends a speech class once a week. The previous week he called the teacher a name. Not a mean one but he knows it’s not nice to call names. He called her a peanut head. One of his favorites. He LOVES his speech teacher and has told her that.

So while getting ready to go we had a little conversation about name calling

Me: Charlie, no calling Miss Jane names today

Charlie: Oh yes I will

Me: *interrupting* Charlie we’ve talked about calling names it’s not nice

Charlie: But MOM (I stop to see what he has to say) I will call her one, Miss Jane.

Really? How does he come up with things like that so quick!?

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Hair there

When Charlie was almost two my brother bought him a t-shirt that said

” I don’t have a short attention span I just.. Oh look a chicken!” (love the face)

Charlie doesn’t have ADD or anything he’s just a busy boy, his mind is always ticking and he’s interested in learning about everything. He actually has a fantastic attention span. He once played with play dough for 7 hours. Breaking only to eat and use the bathroom.

SO, while talking to his G-ma on the phone wishing her a happy birthday he all the sudden changes topic –

Charlie: end of Happy Birthday to you. Hey G-ma when I get big I’m going to have hair in my armpits.

How does one go from singing happy birthday to armpit hair is beyond me.

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